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My dream has implicit spoilers for the season 5 episode 2 of White Collar, and for season 9 episode 5 of Criminal Minds.

I honestly don't know how much sense it will make if you're not familiar with the characters from either/both of the shows. If anyone is familiar with the characters from either/both, do you want to beta-read a novel-length crossover fanfic? It'd actually be particularly helpful to have a beta-reader who's only familiar with one (or even neither) since - being aware that the crossover between the fandoms is limited - I'd like it to be comprehensible by people who only know one or the other.

Anyway, the dream plays out as an act excerpted from an episode. )
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I forgot to mention:

Prentiss aiming gun, saying 'You're just the handsomest kitten I've ever seen'

This is from Criminal Minds season 6, episode 14. (Possibly it's only funny in Prentiss's voice.) I was watching it for research for my fanfic: I wanted to know if Prentiss and [White Collar] Caffrey's paths could ever have crossed while he was swanning around Europe. I concluded it's possible that she got pointed out to him at some point as someone scary to stay the hell away from.

I don't know if I'll ever use either this conclusion or this icon, but both amuse me too much not to share.
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Title: An Abbreviated Lexicon of Email Scams
Author: Zeborah
Fandom: White Collar (vague spoilers for season 1; inconsistent with end of season 3)
Summary: Scams might rely on altruism or greed, friendship or loneliness, or any of a dozen other human qualities. But they always rely on the investment principle: the more time, effort, and emotion you invest into something, the less willing you are to give it up....

An Abbreviated Lexicon of Email Scams )
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Title: Straight to Hell
Vidder: Zeborah
Video source: White Collar (fair use for purposes of commentary, etc)
Spoilers: All of seasons 1-3
Music source: Straight to Hell by Lorenzo's Music, licensed Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike; therefore
Fanvid license: Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike
Summary: Peter's road is paved with good intentions.

Download link at my fanvid master post; YouTube embed follows (includes captions):

Lyrics )

Notes )
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So on Saturday night on the way home from visiting my family, I stepped off the bus onto a bit of uneven pavement (possibly a patch over an #eqnz pothole which subsequently sank further, who knows) and my right ankle went sideways and I landed on my left knee. Ankle got sprained, knee got scraped raw -- luckily I was wearing a long skirt so it was scraped raw relatively cleanly, all the skin ending up on the inside of the skirt.

I rested the ankle over the weekend and it was fine enough that when I went to the doctor on Monday he vetoed crutches on the grounds that they'd be more trouble than they're worth. This was a bit disappointing. :-( But I worked out a bus schedule that doesn't require the normal 10-minute fast walk each morning and evening (just a few minutes hobbling instead) and got a kind colleague to bring her car on Wednesday so I could avoid the 20-minute walk it'd have taken to get to a seminar we were presenting and otherwise have been wearing ankle-boots (in summer, sigh) and putting my foot up when and where I can.

It's just kind of frustrating when my computer at work kicks me off to rest my wrists and wandering to chat with colleagues for the duration involves limping on both legs (stiff ankle and knee that for the first half of the week stung to bend).

(Oh, also mosquito bites, to which I'm allergic; on the right muscle they can swell up to almost the size of my whole hand. A few years ago there were no mosquitoes in Christchurch. They were the thing you got on holiday to remind you that there's no heaven on earth. That they're allowed into Christchurch, where I already have to go to work every day, is truly the sign of an unjust world.)

Anyway, both knee and ankle were getting better except today I got home and discovered new and exciting bruises on my ankle, so although the doctor said ice is no good after 48 hours I've changed my mind about listening to him. Alternating the ice pack with the lavender hot pack feels quite soothing.


In other news, I've got proofs of a journal article to look at, and made some professional blogposts people seem to like, and finished a White Collar(1) fanfic which I may get around to posting when I like it enough, and I think I know how to finally finish that Amy/Rory 9-parter I've been neglecting. There are several other fanfics I want to write. The White Collar/Doctor Who crossover would be glorious except I don't know how Neal will get Amy and Rory out of jail so it may never happen. I suspect the one about Madame Kovarian is unfortunately closer to half-started than half-finished, but that one I actually believe is true (even if Moffat doesn't know it, though he might), so if I don't transition back to original fiction then I'll attempt to plough through that next.

So I'm feeling fairly productive. Though I do need to chase up my contractors about making sure that their to-do list sufficiently matches my get-them-to-do list (just for the lols, since they painted my toilet earlier this month the earthquakes have already cracked the paintwork again, but that's probably another claim along with the slightly sunken toilet floor); and find out what I'm meant to do about my mortgage whose anniversary is coming up.

(1) Also I watched the new episode of White Collar, so oblique spoilers containing writer-ish thoughts )
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Iron Man, by Deejay
This is my favourite. I watched it knowing nothing about Iron Man, and it inspired me to track down the movie, and now I love it even more because it's all true. The words and images and character and plot all seem to go together so perfectly. I particularly love
  • the suiting-up scene with the swell of the music (incidentally, I think the construction of the suit provides a great structure to the vid, making it easy to follow the narrative even when unfamiliar with the source)
  • the magazines at the end (contrasted with the magazines at the start)
  • and that final flicker of his eyes.
Doctor Who, by Seah and Margie (Flummery)
This is approximately as awesome. That is, I do prefer the Iron Man one, but this seems to be more famous and even when I see people aware of both, they often prefer this, so. The song definitely suits the Doctor, too; maybe it's just that I'm a bit jaded about his angst in this respect, or maybe it's just that I saw the Iron Man one first. This one does probably have some more moments where it can be more literal - but then it really loses out in the "end the planet in a holocaust" lines where the vast majority of the explosions are caused by someone else, whereas Tony Stark gets to play a rather more active role in his flamethrowing etc.

West Wing, by chaila
The nature of The West Wing means this video is by necessity much less literal than the first two, but that doesn't mean it works less well thematically. And it's a fantastic parallel/contrast of, hmm! church vs state, with a lovely matching motif of Rose Window vs Presidential Seal.

Merlin, by such heights
I've only ever watched one episode of Merlin, so don't have sufficient context. Given this, for me it's not as powerful as the others - I found it harder to construct it into a narrative the way I could with the Iron Man one, and it didn't help that the point of view goes back and forth between Arthur and Merlin. But it's interesting that, where the other versions have the final lines cycling back around, this has them shifting to the women, like it's the beginning of a new story.

White Collar, by mouthmount
I've managed to get myself obsessed by White Collar in the last couple of months, and this song fits Neal perfectly. This video unfortunately doesn't quite reflect that. Technically it's got moments where the timing's out, and the clip choice can be shaky - especially from about halfway through there's a lot of places where a clip's been chosen because it fits lyrics literally, but from the wrong point of view, so at best you lose the focus on Neal. (In particular, the "microphone" stuff -- there's plenty shots of Neal public speaking, albeit not with a microphone -- and "I can hit a target through a telescope" paired with someone else targeting Neal. I'd have used the clip of Neal skeet shooting instead -- that's used a bit further on but doesn't seem to really fit there.) However, there's bunches of lovely clips, like the ticking clock at "keep rhythm", the "make you want to buy a product", the "vaccinations/exasperation/laceration/assassination" series, and the flashback introduced with the explosions running backwards, and I really like the way it uses the Parachuting Scene of Awesome for the start and end.
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Both of these I have days where I look at them and think they're pretty darn fine despite their flaws, and days where I look at them and think they're terribly flawed despite being otherwise fine.

Download links for each are at my fanvid master post.

Title: Just One Person
Fandom: Criminal Minds - (up to season 2 episode 15)
Music: "Just One Person" by Bernadette Peters

YouTube (no captions, sorry; doing both speech and lyrics would require serious actual fiddling with timing, and it's late and I don't adore the vid quite sufficiently for the effort):

Notes on Just One Person )

Title: Wishin' and Hopin'
Fandom: White Collar (up to season 3 episode 10)
Pairing: OT3 Elizabeth/Peter/Neal
Music: "Wishin' and Hopin'" by Ani DiFranco

YouTube (includes captions):

Notes on Wishin' and Hopin' )


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