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My city, whose highest things
    are cranes' arms and the moon,
her face nightly changing.

The following photo almost, but not entirely, fails to bear any relevance to the preceding verse-thing. (Also my camera goes grainy in interesting ways when it's still on the dark side of dawn.)

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So I was sleeping badly anyway due to my nose having a tendency to block. (Winter, new gas fire drying it up, something like that.)

Then I dreamed I was back in Korea taking a taxi to our apartment, and accidentally got it to drop us off in the wrong apartment block. So we were walking through to get to our own, and came around a corner to where just a few fragments of brick walls remained - fragments of murals painted on what had been the inside - and I realised it was the church I'd last visited there before the quakes, and even though I'd only been there the once it hit me really hard. I had my hand over my nose and mouth just sobbing and sobbing and sobbing...

...and woke up sobbing and sobbing and sobbing, and got the waterworks going too, and then suddenly I thought: Wait, am I actually emotionally affected here or was this just a breathing problem? And I took one deep breath to stop the sobbing and then I was absolutely fine.

So that was anticlimactic; and then my alarm went off before I could get back to sleep. Le sigh. OTOH I've just had too full snowdays off work so I suppose I can't complain too much about going in to work for today.

Oh look! I made you a bonus haiku thing:

I thought, "Wait for spring
to see the cherry blossom," but
here are snow and dawn.
zeborah: Zebra with stripes shaking (earthquake)
1) doesn't capture what I wanted to capture, but that's probably in the nature of what I wanted to capture, so oh well.
I met God at the busstop today.
He was on a smoko between his bus rounds
and I was waiting for another bus
so we fell to chatting.
He told me the Gayhurst Road bridge is down to foot traffic only
and we're still getting earthquakes.
"We live in trying times," he said.
He said, "We've all got to stick together."
Then my bus came so we said goodbye.
"Be safe," he said,
which is the new Cantabrian for,
"Have a nice day,"
and I did.

2) This one would actually be a children's picture book. I envisage a gold medallion thing on the front cover saying, "From the city that brought you 'Quaky Cat'!" (which incidentally is an awesome book and I might have cried a little when it was read to us the kids at church. Much more morally uplifting than the following.)
There's a fly in the web in the chink in the plaster of my neighbour's house.

There's a bird on the tarp on the hole in the roof of my neighbour's house.

There's a rat in the pool at the pipe to the sewers from my neighbour's house.

There's a cat on the sill with the shards of the window of my neighbour's house.

There's a dog in the flowerbed by the boarded-up chimney of my neighbour's house.

There's a sheep on the wall that fell onto the fence by my neighbour's house.

There's a cow on the hill between bedroom and lounge in my neighbour's house.

There's a bulldozer on the rubble of my neighbour's house.
If I could easily get hold of the appropriate animals, I'd be tempted to grab a camera and illustrate this myself. I don't have a bulldozer to command either, but I'm presuming one will be along in the fullness of time.
zeborah: Zebra with stripes shaking (earthquake)
The joys of classical conditioning means I now appear to associate lying-in-bed-for-sleep with being-jolted-awake-by-earthquakes, and thus going to bed increases my body's anxiety to a level rather higher than allows sleep. Rigorous relaxation techniques (beginning with a good fit of sobbing) and therapeutic daydreaming got me there eventually but I did keep getting woken so am now just a little tired and weepy.

By "just a little" I mean, if there's anyone on the internet who deserves yelling at, give me the heads-up and I'll give them a good yelling. I may start with everyone in New Zealand who thinks that we need a deep explanation for why Haiti's earthquake killed way more people than ours did. There's an explanation but it's not that complicated:
The rain it raineth on the just
And also on the unjust fella;
But chiefly on the just, because
The unjust steals the just's umbrella.
--Charles Bowen
When the earthquake struck, we had an excellent umbrella. Haiti didn't.

In the meantime, has anyone got some good jokes? Laughing helps too.

Am going to spend the day with family watching movies and then tonight I might try sleeping in the spare room and see if that makes a difference. Never fear, I'll probably be back cluttering up your friends' list again anyway.

--Argh, just saw a photo gallery of the uni's cleanup - the library-based pictures there are my library and I wanted to pick up those bazillion books. Seriously, I've been looking forward to that heavy labour since Saturday morning. Now we'll get the tedium of shelf-reading (putting books back in order) without any decent stress-relief. So annoyed. I mean, obviously it's good that it's been done. But. Argh!

In "my country is awesome" news:
  • We can drink the water again! Tested free of disease three days in a row. No more boiling water, whee!
  • Also, my Earthquake Commission claim got processed at 1am. That's some hardass business hours.

Cui bono?

Mar. 26th, 2010 10:57 pm
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The Lord said unto Adam, "Didst thou eat?"
And Adam said, "The woman gave it me."

The Lord said unto Eve, "What then is this?"
And Eve accused the serpent's subtle tricks.

The Lord sought nothing more, but spake a curse.
And so the serpent proudly crawls the earth
while, in the house that Adam hewed and raised,
the spider waits in comfort for fresh prey.
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I have spilled
the water
into the dry

which you were
saving for
five minutes later.

Forgive me.
It was dark,
and your food dish
was in the way of my foot.
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Lived I, sir, in another time,
Your constant hounding were a crime
Restraining orders might abate.
Go elsewhere if you will not wait.

(from a post to rasfc, ganked out here so I don't lose it)


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