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Not really. That doesn't happen in real life. (In real life it's a glorious Saturday morning, you've done all your chores and it's only 8:30am, the whole weekend ahead of you, and then you wake up and it's Tuesday and it's raining.) But wouldn't it be cool if it did?

Spoilers for season 8 ep 11, the '3W' episode )
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I'm determined to go into this one trying/expecting to like it, in the hopes that my recent dislike of All the Doctor Who is at least partly due to justified bias against the Moffat.

This lasts literally four seconds. )
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Standard warning for how I don't think Moffat is all that (at this point I just watch like one watches the depressing parts of the news - in order to keep up with current events rather than to enjoy oneself - and then I come here to rant about it because you just can't keep it bottled up) so if you do think he's all that or even half of that you probably just want to move along.

Spoilers, sweetie (S08.01) )
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Three (wow) years ago I started posting this Doctor Who fanfic about young Rory and Amy as I was writing the story. I got stuck at a certain point, and distracted by other things, and stuck at another point, and so forth, but recently I actually finished it.

I'm currently posting it one chapter a day on Archive of Our Own. So you can now read part 5 there, or catch up from the start. Or in about a week you can read the whole thing at once; I'll post here again when the complete story has been posted.
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People who enjoyed the episode have the entire internet to squee in. To them I will cheerfully say, "It was classic Moffat. So how about this weather?"

To everyone else, I dedicate this post. Warning: squee-harshing about to commence )
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First off, if you haven't seen the literal video version of Total Eclipse of the Heart, you need to do that, it's probably the classic of the genre. Here, let me make it easy:

(In case you wondered, Sony don't understand the concept of "parody" so got the original taken down; the reframing with the cat means it's not automatically discovered so has been able to stay up longer in most countries.)

Now my fanvid:
Literal Eclipse of the Heart
Lead Vocals: PersephoneMaewyn
Lyrics / Vocals / Editing: dascottjr
Music: Jim Steinman
Video: from Doctor Who (New Who) seasons 1-6
Vidder: Zeborah
Summary: A literal fanvid of the literal video version of Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart. My meta, let me show you it.

Download: Download link at my fanvid master post; YouTube embed follows (captions available)

Notes )
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Iron Man, by Deejay
This is my favourite. I watched it knowing nothing about Iron Man, and it inspired me to track down the movie, and now I love it even more because it's all true. The words and images and character and plot all seem to go together so perfectly. I particularly love
  • the suiting-up scene with the swell of the music (incidentally, I think the construction of the suit provides a great structure to the vid, making it easy to follow the narrative even when unfamiliar with the source)
  • the magazines at the end (contrasted with the magazines at the start)
  • and that final flicker of his eyes.
Doctor Who, by Seah and Margie (Flummery)
This is approximately as awesome. That is, I do prefer the Iron Man one, but this seems to be more famous and even when I see people aware of both, they often prefer this, so. The song definitely suits the Doctor, too; maybe it's just that I'm a bit jaded about his angst in this respect, or maybe it's just that I saw the Iron Man one first. This one does probably have some more moments where it can be more literal - but then it really loses out in the "end the planet in a holocaust" lines where the vast majority of the explosions are caused by someone else, whereas Tony Stark gets to play a rather more active role in his flamethrowing etc.

West Wing, by chaila
The nature of The West Wing means this video is by necessity much less literal than the first two, but that doesn't mean it works less well thematically. And it's a fantastic parallel/contrast of, hmm! church vs state, with a lovely matching motif of Rose Window vs Presidential Seal.

Merlin, by such heights
I've only ever watched one episode of Merlin, so don't have sufficient context. Given this, for me it's not as powerful as the others - I found it harder to construct it into a narrative the way I could with the Iron Man one, and it didn't help that the point of view goes back and forth between Arthur and Merlin. But it's interesting that, where the other versions have the final lines cycling back around, this has them shifting to the women, like it's the beginning of a new story.

White Collar, by mouthmount
I've managed to get myself obsessed by White Collar in the last couple of months, and this song fits Neal perfectly. This video unfortunately doesn't quite reflect that. Technically it's got moments where the timing's out, and the clip choice can be shaky - especially from about halfway through there's a lot of places where a clip's been chosen because it fits lyrics literally, but from the wrong point of view, so at best you lose the focus on Neal. (In particular, the "microphone" stuff -- there's plenty shots of Neal public speaking, albeit not with a microphone -- and "I can hit a target through a telescope" paired with someone else targeting Neal. I'd have used the clip of Neal skeet shooting instead -- that's used a bit further on but doesn't seem to really fit there.) However, there's bunches of lovely clips, like the ticking clock at "keep rhythm", the "make you want to buy a product", the "vaccinations/exasperation/laceration/assassination" series, and the flashback introduced with the explosions running backwards, and I really like the way it uses the Parachuting Scene of Awesome for the start and end.
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Title: Living Doll
Fandom: Doctor Who - spoilers for most of season 6
Music: "Living Doll" by Cliff Richard

Download link at my fanvid master post; YouTube embed follows:

Notes )
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Fandom: Doctor Who
Spoilers: Particularly for episodes 6.08 and 6.10.
Notes: From a long-held ember of a thought, combined with the spark of an anonymous comment. A gift for fans who mourn.

Interlude: a Fugue for Three Voices
by Zeborah

'Help me,' the Doctor pleaded... )
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Spoilers, sweetie )

In other news, on Sunday I developed the sudden miraculous ability to sing In Paradisum without my voice cracking on every single note. The concert went pretty well. As noted on Twitter, the microphones are arranged so that from the choir, the politician giving his politician's speech sounds like he's saying "Wurble wurble wurble". (Unfortunately the effect extends to the soloists, ah well.)

There are three jobs in other cities I could be applying for. Well, one closes today so call it two. Either would be a fantastic opportunity. But leaving my house and friends and family is a daunting proposition, and I wouldn't even get the opportunity to learn Kazakh into the bargain. And then some days I think that my current job (despite Everything) does give me room to do all sorts of the things I enjoy doing. So I dunno.
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Fandom: Doctor Who
Spoilers: Series 5, especially the first and last episodes. Incompatible with episode 6.08.
Trigger warnings: The "crazy" word gets thrown around a bunch.
Notes: I've written several more parts of this; I just don't know when I'll get around to writing all of it, since, well, see the title. I think this part stands alone okay anyway, as Beginnings often do.

Really Slowly. In the Right Order.
by Zeborah

*** Part 1 ***

Rory was looking for somewhere to eat his lunch when he found Amelia Pond sitting under the oak tree. )
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A Softer Universe is a mashup of A Softer World with Doctor Who.

It has River:
click for River

And Amy:
click for Amy

And Jack:
click for Jack

And Canton:
click for Canton

And all the other cool people.


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