Jan. 2nd, 2012

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I had a dramatic downturn in my reading in the second half of the year, I think because I started getting some energy back and being able to think about creating again (fanfic, fanvids, pottering at original fiction, etc). So might as well glom these months together:

15 books read in 5 months )

Stats for 2011 as a whole:
Total books read - 89, of which
71 by women;
35 by people of colour;
3 by LGBT authors (! okay, I need to do more reading here)
17 by New Zealand authors
22 science fiction
12 fantasy
8 "unfantasy" which is a tag I use when I don't think/don't know that the author would call it fantasy (eg it portrays spirituality or cultural beliefs) but I think fantasy readers would enjoy it for the same reasons that they enjoy fantasy. Or something like that. It's a very subjective thing.
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First off, if you haven't seen the literal video version of Total Eclipse of the Heart, you need to do that, it's probably the classic of the genre. Here, let me make it easy:

(In case you wondered, Sony don't understand the concept of "parody" so got the original taken down; the reframing with the cat means it's not automatically discovered so has been able to stay up longer in most countries.)

Now my fanvid:
Literal Eclipse of the Heart
Lead Vocals: PersephoneMaewyn
Lyrics / Vocals / Editing: dascottjr
Music: Jim Steinman
Video: from Doctor Who (New Who) seasons 1-6
Vidder: Zeborah
Summary: A literal fanvid of the literal video version of Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart. My meta, let me show you it.

Download: Download link at my fanvid master post; YouTube embed follows (captions available)

Notes )


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