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Three (wow) years ago I started posting this Doctor Who fanfic about young Rory and Amy as I was writing the story. I got stuck at a certain point, and distracted by other things, and stuck at another point, and so forth, but recently I actually finished it.

I'm currently posting it one chapter a day on Archive of Our Own. So you can now read part 5 there, or catch up from the start. Or in about a week you can read the whole thing at once; I'll post here again when the complete story has been posted.
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Title: An Abbreviated Lexicon of Email Scams
Author: Zeborah
Fandom: White Collar (vague spoilers for season 1; inconsistent with end of season 3)
Summary: Scams might rely on altruism or greed, friendship or loneliness, or any of a dozen other human qualities. But they always rely on the investment principle: the more time, effort, and emotion you invest into something, the less willing you are to give it up....

An Abbreviated Lexicon of Email Scams )
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Fandom: Doctor Who
Spoilers: Particularly for episodes 6.08 and 6.10.
Notes: From a long-held ember of a thought, combined with the spark of an anonymous comment. A gift for fans who mourn.

Interlude: a Fugue for Three Voices
by Zeborah

'Help me,' the Doctor pleaded... )
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Fandom: Doctor Who
Spoilers: Series 5, especially the first and last episodes. Incompatible with episode 6.08.
Trigger warnings: The "crazy" word gets thrown around a bunch.
Notes: I've written several more parts of this; I just don't know when I'll get around to writing all of it, since, well, see the title. I think this part stands alone okay anyway, as Beginnings often do.

Really Slowly. In the Right Order.
by Zeborah

*** Part 1 ***

Rory was looking for somewhere to eat his lunch when he found Amelia Pond sitting under the oak tree. )
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Title: The Trouble With Lipstick
Author: Zeborah
Fandom: Doctor Who
Spoilers: New Who season 5 (but only minor points)
Summary: On a mission, River Song starts questioning her taste in makeup.

The trouble with hallucinogenic lipstick was that a lot more of it got on your lips than on the person you kissed. )
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I was googling a search string which shall remain nameless and came across a fanfic which ditto. Suffice to say that it was a pure Mary Sue: the character from the series meets a girl who is more awesome than he is at his signature awesomeness, and they fall in love, and all his friends love her, and she has a ton of other excellent virtues, skills, and quirkiness, and angst and hurt/comfort and plot ensues. As the story progresses we also meet her quirky family, but I was skimming a bit by this time. Mary Sues just aren't my thing but obviously lots of other people love them because it seemed like the author was getting bunches upon bunches of fanmail.

Anyway so I skipped ahead to an author's note where she wrote about discovering that someone had created facebook pages for her original characters, and about how hurt she felt that someone had stolen her characters what she'd put time and effort into and had created this transformative work based on them.

It all seems to have got sorted out with a startling lack of wangst, but I just. Oh sweetie. I have sympathy for feeling hurt: emotions are illogical, they just happen. And I even have sympathy for saying, "I know that this is really illogical but I still feel hurt." But to seem to have no awareness that it's illogical?


New icons! Dreamwidth folk can already see me using:

Irony means what we point to when we say: That's not ironic

And I also made today:

Barcode a zebra passant above the word READ
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Mere fanart? Can this painting be art if a viewer who doesn't know the source material can't understand it?
In the ongoing debate about fanfic, [livejournal.com profile] heleninwales said:
Fan fiction writers, however, don't bother to learn [how much backstory to include and how to insert it into the story] because they know they don't have to.

Which is not at all how I'd describe it. I'd say that fanfiction authors don't explain canon backstory because doing so would actively get in the way of the story they're trying to tell to their audience.

They do still have to learn what non-canon backstory to include and how to include it.

And moreover I don't think this is completely different from other fiction. All fiction walks the balance between the audience already understanding certain things but not knowing certain other things. Set a novel during the reign of Elizabeth I and bang, there's a whole heap of backstory you don't need to explain because people already know it. You don't need to explain who Elizabeth is and how she rose to power; or Walsingham, or Drake, or Mary of Guise, or... You can, of course, if you have a novel take on it, but otherwise most of the time you're better off not to and just getting on with the story.

It's the same with fanfic.

And though it's most obvious with historical novels (which are after all blatantly history fanfic), it's also true of other genres. In a science-fiction novel, unless you've got a novel take on faster-than-light travel, you can assume your readers are up with the flow. In a crime drama, you can assume your readers know how the criminal justice system works. If you set something in New York City, you can assume your readers know something about the geography. If you're writing a romance you can take shortcuts in explaining why the main characters belong to each other because you know the readers know that they're reading a romance. When producing a church play, I can assume the congregation understands why this guy's walking down the aisle with a cross on his shoulder. When titling this blogpost, I could assume that most of my readers would understand the allusion.

All fiction assumes that the reader shares some background knowledge with the reader. In fact, all communication relies on the same assumption. The only question is what that domain of knowledge is. It might be Arthuriana, or it might be Regency social mores, or it might be the seven books of Harry Potter, or it might be the details of a particular controversy in the Supernatural fandom.

The fact that a fanvid author doesn't explain certain kinds of backstory is no different from the fact that an original-fic author doesn't explain certain kinds of backstory. They've made a decision based on their assumed audience, is all.

[livejournal.com profile] heleninwales also said:
if anyone can point me to a fan fiction story that they consider good and that stands alone and works even for people who have no knowledge of the source fandoms, then I'll be happy to revise my opinion.

I haven't really been in fandom for a long time, but from my bookmarks I think:Fanvids:[These both comment on the original source, which I hadn't seen before viewing the vid.]

Professional fanfic:
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I guess I really ought to get around to posting that Criminal Minds fanfic before the season 5 premiere tomorrow makes it entirely moot. Though I suppose the trailer already will have. (If so, please don't tell me until I've had a chance to see the episode itself!)

Title: Five times Aaron Hotchner felt helpless, and one time he didn't
Author: Zeborah
Spoilers: Criminal Minds season 4 finale
Warnings: (whitespace) References to alcoholism; unintentional-and-regretted-but-still-it's-there child abuse; attempted date rape of a walk-on character. (end whitespace)
Disclaimer: I don't own them; please don't sue me.

Five times Aaron Hotchner felt helpless, and one time he didn't )
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Hey everyone, I will be on holiday from Thursday morning until the night of Sunday week. Just in case you wonder why I've disappeared from the face of the internet.

Hey, and my fridge is now startlingly clean, due to the fact that I just threw all sorts of containers full of dubious substances into the garbage.

I still need to:
* buy a suitcase to replace the one with the zip that's corroded shut
* visit the doctor for medicaments which, in my befuddled state on Friday, I told the other doctor I had enough of (I did! Because I was planning to visit the doctor and knew I had enough to last until then...) Anyway, a check-up will probably be good.
* give my sister a key to make it easier for her to feed my cat
* do the dishes
* everything else I've forgotten

Hey everyone, while on holiday with nothing to do but nature walks and other such tortures, shall I:

a) finish this blasted novel for once and for all (quarter of an accursed novel in 10 days should be doable, right?)

b) recreate the entirety of 16th century Copenhagen in Inform 7 for an open-ended interactive fiction/game/thing where you can choose by your actions whether the story is a romance, mystery, quest, political thriller, etc etc (so far I have a few rooms in the castle; candles and oil lamps that burn until consumed; coins in various denominations and kings; and some randomly generated NPCs who'll tell you when asked what time it is and, if they're a priest in a chapel and it happens to be the change of the canonical hour, will start saying their offices)

c) make Criminal Minds fanvids (this would involve packing all my DVDs plus the old laptop because the new laptop inexplicably refuses to read my Criminal Minds DVDs, do not even *get* me started)

d) plan properly for the workshop I'll be facilitating at the library conference in a month and a half (except this probably requires the internet for research which I won't have)

e) do my overdue taxes (um, whoops)

f) read piles of books (involves packing piles of books)

g) all of the above?
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The last two episodes of Criminal Minds season 4 are called "To Hell" and "And Back". spoilers )


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