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By default it's not possible to delete your LiveJournal account without accepting the new objectionable terms of service. However I saw a tip to try NoScript and this was indeed successful for me.

I did, after some thought, decide to leave my comments on other journals/communities.

My feedback to them:
The latest update to the Terms of Service is even more deeply worrying than other worrying changes. In particular 9.2.8 as worded states that we may not break Russian laws - not simply that we may not break Russian laws in using LiveJournal, but we may not break Russian rules full stop. If this is not intended, fix the wording.

The fact that only the Russian version is legally binding is also of concern. In some respects I recognise this is fair, in that UK/US-owned sites only have their English-language TOS legally binding. But given that LiveJournal began as English-speaking, this feels like pulling the rug out from under long-time users.
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So one of the many awesome post-earthquake projects going on is QuakeStudies which includes a bunch of collections of stuff written/told/photographed/etc about the quakes. This includes some blogs and the plan is to add my DW/LJ 'earthquake'-tagged posts.

This will include all your comments on those posts: the thinking on the QuakeStudies side is that they're not flocked, and comment conversations are often as useful to the historical record as the original posts; the thinking on my side is I don't recall anything likely to be problematic but I do really want to let you all know first to check that assumption. Basically everything on a given post will be pulled into a single pdf file - see this example of a record and file of post-with-comments.

So if there's anything you don't want kept in this way, you could go through now and delete it. (Let me know if you need some time to do that and the archiving can hold off.) Or if you want/need to later, they've apparently got a take-down policy so could remove the page or black out the comment. Or if you think "Eek, not good in principle!" let me know and I'll investigate options more.
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I just by accident went to my LJ homepage and saw my most recent post was from ages ago. Apparently when I changed all my passwords around Heartbleed time I forgot that Dreamwidth requires my password in order to crosspost. Whoops!

So if you follow me on LJ you may (or may well not) want to catch up with my posts on Dreamwidth. Despite it being ages ago there's only been about ten since; to wit, in reverse chronological order:

In which she watches the second episode (Doctor Who 08.02)
In which she practices her spongebath skills
Fanfic: Really Slowly. In the Right Order. (part 12/12)
In which another Doctor
Fanfic: Really Slowly. In the Right Order. (part 5/12) [NB links to all other parts on Archive of Our Own]
In which she learns a new theory of the elements
In which she baits the phone scammers
In which she produces a unified theory of yellow
In which she submits her hatred of Riccarton Road
In which Easter is all about autumn
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For the one or two people on my flist who watch Criminal Minds and therefore don't actually need the spoiler cut:

Spoilers for Criminal Minds  )
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So apparently LiveJournal have fixed some bugs and are now rewriting outbound links again. Read more about potential security issues and how to fix it for your reading list. I don't know of any way to fix it so that no-one who reads my posts has these rewritten links come up. I'd like to do that because, aside from security and such, I consider linkes to be part of my writing and that therefore they're changing my writing without permission, which I consider highly unethical.

I would at this point really like to delete my LiveJournal account so they can't do this to my writing any more, but I recognise that this would cause a great nuisance to a bunch of my friends. Dilemma! Further pondering required.

In the meantime, I should mention that I have two DreamWidth invites going available if anyone's interested in checking that out. Just comment or email me with the email address to send it to. How to Move from LJ to Dreamwidth in Six Easy Steps makes for good reading if you're curious about logistics.
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I posted a couple of updates to my hair-tearing post, including "One step forward, two steps back" strikes again!

Which technically is unfair because after an aeon or two I am actually nearing the end of the book, more or less, touch wood and so forth.

However, at points which number in the hundreds it's been a near thing, and now for the first time do I realise the monstrosity I could have wrought had I slackened in my eternal vigilance: a book with a negative wordcount.

I... I don't know what such a book would be like. But I'm pretty sure it'd end up with the Doctor shouting "Run!" a lot.
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If I just defriended you on LJ it's because I'm already reading you somewhere else like Dreamwidth or my RSS reader or something, and it's awkward reading something in two places. The group I just hatcheted includes both my sisters so you know there's no offense.

Now to deduplicate my icons, and eventually this evening I might get around to something useful like writing.
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Back in December I wrote about how LJ planned to make the gender field mandatory and binary. They backed down on that and kept the male/female/unspecified split.

But yesterday I heard that LJ has now (without announcement or discussion) renamed "unspecified" to "it's personal", though they've been told that for a whole lot of people it's not some great secret, it's just that it's neither male-not-female nor female-not-male.

They say that our feedback is valuable to them and it sounds like they're discussing options to fix it, but I'm kind of not so hopeful that even if they fix it this time they won't break it again in another month or two.

So I'm taking my hitherto very slow transition towards Dreamwidth a step further, thus:
  • I've imported all my LJ entries and comments into Dreamwidth;
  • tweaking of my awesome zebra-stripe Dreamwidth theme/CSS continues;
  • from now on I'll be posting in Dreamwidth with (if I've configured this right) an automatic crosspost into LJ;
  • I'd mildly prefer people to comment in Dreamwidth (if you don't have an account you can use the OpenID option with yourusername.livejournal.com, or the anonymous option if you find it easier) and keep all the conversation together there, but I don't really mind that much so just comment wherever you prefer;
  • I'll hang around in LJ to read and comment;
  • I'll slowly pull together my Dreamwidth access list and reading circle over time. If you've got a DW account, I'll find you quicker if you tell/remind me of your username but otherwise I'm sure I'll find you anyway.
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Blog posts are short stories; Twitter is a cinquenta; and I love a challenge. I like to say the most possible and have no letters left over.


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