Mar. 11th, 2015

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So one of the many awesome post-earthquake projects going on is QuakeStudies which includes a bunch of collections of stuff written/told/photographed/etc about the quakes. This includes some blogs and the plan is to add my DW/LJ 'earthquake'-tagged posts.

This will include all your comments on those posts: the thinking on the QuakeStudies side is that they're not flocked, and comment conversations are often as useful to the historical record as the original posts; the thinking on my side is I don't recall anything likely to be problematic but I do really want to let you all know first to check that assumption. Basically everything on a given post will be pulled into a single pdf file - see this example of a record and file of post-with-comments.

So if there's anything you don't want kept in this way, you could go through now and delete it. (Let me know if you need some time to do that and the archiving can hold off.) Or if you want/need to later, they've apparently got a take-down policy so could remove the page or black out the comment. Or if you think "Eek, not good in principle!" let me know and I'll investigate options more.


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