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Standard warning for how I don't think Moffat is all that (at this point I just watch like one watches the depressing parts of the news - in order to keep up with current events rather than to enjoy oneself - and then I come here to rant about it because you just can't keep it bottled up) so if you do think he's all that or even half of that you probably just want to move along.

Spoilers, sweetie (S08.01)

So plot happened. Dinosaurs being murdered in the Victorian Thames by self-repairing cyborgs from space, yadda yadda. Also the opening credits have a new and 450% more steampunk visual thing going on.

But really the show today was about his regeneration and Clara's reaction to it. And the thing that really annoys me is that her perfectly legitimate worry about his memory problems and related dysfunctional behaviour (however temporary those turned out to be) and her perfectly reasonable concern at not recognising a Doctor who would trap her in a room with a homicidal cyborg in order to save himself (even if he came back later, even if he secretly and for some reason without telling her planned to come back all along. Most Doctors just wouldn't ever have done it in the first place) -- these were all dismissed in favour of chiding her for a supposed superficial concern over his new wrinkles and grey hair.

The whole point of the Doctor's regeneration is that it's his personality as well as his body that changes. And it's damn boring to turn that into a morality play about looking past a veil when it would be far more interesting to explore how a friendship can survive while necessarily adapting to that change in personality.

Other things that annoyed me today included:
  • As in Due South, buddy breathing isn't a kiss, it's exploitative fanservice.
  • Is Clara being made stupider and less useful in every episode? She had to be prompted twenty times to notice the obvious about those robits. She had some good moments, in extremis, but when the Doctor's in the room she's always forced into the role of gibbering simpleton.
  • Most shoehorned flashback ever or most shoehorned flashback ever?
  • Way to make the black girl be the voice of the unruly classroom.
  • Way to load on the Scots stereotypes.
  • A friendship between two people who think the other is an egomaniac control freak gameplayer is not really a healthy relationship. Also, one of them's right and we have seen no (zip, nil, zilch, nada) evidence that it's the Doctor. When has Clara ever tried to control anything other than her breathing? What games has she played? What the bleeding hell is the Doctor/scriptwriter/Moffat talking about?
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