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Title: Living Doll
Fandom: Doctor Who - spoilers for most of season 6
Music: "Living Doll" by Cliff Richard

Download link at my fanvid master post; YouTube embed follows:

I wrote about this back in April, In which Moffat has a thing, covering up to the first episode of season 6. I put the idea away for a bit, but the second half of season 6 made me pull it out again and play with it in earnest.

I was on leave and angry so finished it in a week or so, including where I suddenly realised I should swap some verses around. Originally I'd started with adult Amy and had wee Amelia appearing only later, but then I decided I would put Reinette in there after all, and it became clear that the "awestruck girl waits for the Doctor until she's old enough to jump his bones" thing was worth highlighting. --Okay, I didn't highlight the "jumping his bones" part, mostly because when Reinette has her turn the entire POV is on the Doctor's face, and that would have ruined the focus (both taking focus away from the 'dolls', and one random Ten clip in a bunch of Elevens would have felt silly); partly because it might look like actual female agency or something; and partly because when I noticed that final parallel between the three I felt a bit sick in my mouth.

Though I haven't got to posting it until today, I finished it before the final episode aired. [Spoilers for final episode of season 6: (skip) That episode made me very happy, because the women got to do stuff and be cool, and also it was brilliantly paced, as Moffat's best stuff is. But it's clearer than ever that the Doctor is taking River out of her prison-box to play with and then putting her back in for his convenience. She's only in prison to preserve his cover as being dead, right? And even that's unfair; could she not get a lawyer to argue "She was brainwashed and also in a spacesuit that took over her autonomic functions"? I mean seriously WTF's up with this judiciary system, people? --Anyway, I do like the hints that he might be about to listen to her mid-season rant that he's got too big for his britches - it could be interesting if Moffat really does follow through and make him stick to the shadows a bit - but this is irrelevant to the fact that...]

Ultimately, Melody's always stuck in a spacesuit, River's always in prison, Amelia's always looking at stars, and the Doctor will always murder a surplus Amy.
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