Sep. 9th, 2010

zeborah: Zebra with stripes shaking (earthquake)
The joys of classical conditioning means I now appear to associate lying-in-bed-for-sleep with being-jolted-awake-by-earthquakes, and thus going to bed increases my body's anxiety to a level rather higher than allows sleep. Rigorous relaxation techniques (beginning with a good fit of sobbing) and therapeutic daydreaming got me there eventually but I did keep getting woken so am now just a little tired and weepy.

By "just a little" I mean, if there's anyone on the internet who deserves yelling at, give me the heads-up and I'll give them a good yelling. I may start with everyone in New Zealand who thinks that we need a deep explanation for why Haiti's earthquake killed way more people than ours did. There's an explanation but it's not that complicated:
The rain it raineth on the just
And also on the unjust fella;
But chiefly on the just, because
The unjust steals the just's umbrella.
--Charles Bowen
When the earthquake struck, we had an excellent umbrella. Haiti didn't.

In the meantime, has anyone got some good jokes? Laughing helps too.

Am going to spend the day with family watching movies and then tonight I might try sleeping in the spare room and see if that makes a difference. Never fear, I'll probably be back cluttering up your friends' list again anyway.

--Argh, just saw a photo gallery of the uni's cleanup - the library-based pictures there are my library and I wanted to pick up those bazillion books. Seriously, I've been looking forward to that heavy labour since Saturday morning. Now we'll get the tedium of shelf-reading (putting books back in order) without any decent stress-relief. So annoyed. I mean, obviously it's good that it's been done. But. Argh!

In "my country is awesome" news:
  • We can drink the water again! Tested free of disease three days in a row. No more boiling water, whee!
  • Also, my Earthquake Commission claim got processed at 1am. That's some hardass business hours.
zeborah: Zebra with stripes shaking (earthquake)
Spent the day with siblings watching Richard Hammond and The Court Jester and The Lion King.

I don't wear this ring often, but I'm pretty sure it's not normally this loose on my finger.

Phone call from insurance to check details. Emails from work that I can go in tomorrow to do stuff, yay! Sounds like I get to be on a "thinky-thoughts" team rather than a "lifting-things" team but it's pretty urgent to think of ways to get info resources to students when the largest library on campus will be closed for the rest of the year. Fortunately some publishers are coming through for us. Have I mentioned yet today how awesome people are?

Another awesome-people story today is a supermarket that's had to close because it'll take a year to rebuild. So 86 people lose jobs. But the supermarket chain is giving them 2 months' redundancy (way more than the contract stipulates) plus a $500 grocery voucher each for fulltime, $250 for part-time, and help getting a job in one of the chain's other stores if they want.

Oh, and New Zealand Symphony Orchestra are making their concert next Thursday free.

People are so awesome, you guys. I kinda want to get drunk so I have an excuse to talk about how I love people so much. The world is awesome, and civilisation is awesome, and people are the awesomest ever.

I think I missed an aftershock because I was on the bus home at the time. One of these days I may end up sitting on the Orbiter and going around and around the city without ever getting off. Until I run out of laptop battery.

Then I went to the supermarket which... there's a lot of empty shelves and it breaks my heart a little bit because it's that reminder that we've had a disaster and people are buying a lot of instant noodles right now. (There were still some five-packs left, which is good because I wanted one.) At least there was plenty of bread; at the supermarket by my parents' house there was no bread last night; I don't know if they just sold out a bit early or if a factory had been closed or a shipment delayed or what.

And while I was in the supermarket I saw carrots and cucumbers and thought "...I really want to eat raw carrot and cucumber right now." I have no idea why, I almost never want to eat raw carrot and usually I only want cucumber only in summer, but in times of stress I don't argue with cravings. So I bought one of each and just gnawed on them for dinner. --Possibly I could have eaten more for dinner but it's really hard to tell the difference between hunger and anxiety so I keep forgetting I should eat. I'll have proper foods tomorrow, I promise.

On the way back home I came across a student-aged guy with a map so I stopped to see if he needed directions. He was headed to my parents' suburb and wondering how far he had left to go and I said, "... Uh. About forty minutes by foot. Unless you're going by bus? I can totally give you change so you can go by bus." But he insisted on going by foot and he must have walked about twice that already from what he said. Oh well, one does feel fewer aftershocks when moving...

They are getting less frequent anyway. Just there's been some in the last couple of days that are smaller but closer and shallower. (The last one we had I totally called the size, distance, and depth! Well, I said, "I'm thinking a 3 of some kind but close and/or shallow" and it was a 3.4, 6km deep, maybe 15km away.) Anyway I'm going to bed shortly, and I'll try sleeping in the spare room on the offchance my body will think, "Ooh, a new environment, it must therefore be safe! I shall relax now and allow-- Zzzzz..."

(Ooh. Hmm, I think that one was deeper and further away so probably somewhere between 4 and 4.5, maybe back around Darfield way again. Geonet is being slow to update so I'll ETA with my score in the morning or sometime during insomnia. In the meantime it shows up on the drums so I know it's not my imagination. ETA: Geonet still doesn't list it for some reason. But it was on the drums! I'm confused... The important thing is I managed to read myself to sleep, and slept through a 4.3 at midnight, and slept all night until my alarm clock woke me for work. I needed an alarm clock, whee! I'm going to work, hoorah!)


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