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So on Saturday night on the way home from visiting my family, I stepped off the bus onto a bit of uneven pavement (possibly a patch over an #eqnz pothole which subsequently sank further, who knows) and my right ankle went sideways and I landed on my left knee. Ankle got sprained, knee got scraped raw -- luckily I was wearing a long skirt so it was scraped raw relatively cleanly, all the skin ending up on the inside of the skirt.

I rested the ankle over the weekend and it was fine enough that when I went to the doctor on Monday he vetoed crutches on the grounds that they'd be more trouble than they're worth. This was a bit disappointing. :-( But I worked out a bus schedule that doesn't require the normal 10-minute fast walk each morning and evening (just a few minutes hobbling instead) and got a kind colleague to bring her car on Wednesday so I could avoid the 20-minute walk it'd have taken to get to a seminar we were presenting and otherwise have been wearing ankle-boots (in summer, sigh) and putting my foot up when and where I can.

It's just kind of frustrating when my computer at work kicks me off to rest my wrists and wandering to chat with colleagues for the duration involves limping on both legs (stiff ankle and knee that for the first half of the week stung to bend).

(Oh, also mosquito bites, to which I'm allergic; on the right muscle they can swell up to almost the size of my whole hand. A few years ago there were no mosquitoes in Christchurch. They were the thing you got on holiday to remind you that there's no heaven on earth. That they're allowed into Christchurch, where I already have to go to work every day, is truly the sign of an unjust world.)

Anyway, both knee and ankle were getting better except today I got home and discovered new and exciting bruises on my ankle, so although the doctor said ice is no good after 48 hours I've changed my mind about listening to him. Alternating the ice pack with the lavender hot pack feels quite soothing.


In other news, I've got proofs of a journal article to look at, and made some professional blogposts people seem to like, and finished a White Collar(1) fanfic which I may get around to posting when I like it enough, and I think I know how to finally finish that Amy/Rory 9-parter I've been neglecting. There are several other fanfics I want to write. The White Collar/Doctor Who crossover would be glorious except I don't know how Neal will get Amy and Rory out of jail so it may never happen. I suspect the one about Madame Kovarian is unfortunately closer to half-started than half-finished, but that one I actually believe is true (even if Moffat doesn't know it, though he might), so if I don't transition back to original fiction then I'll attempt to plough through that next.

So I'm feeling fairly productive. Though I do need to chase up my contractors about making sure that their to-do list sufficiently matches my get-them-to-do list (just for the lols, since they painted my toilet earlier this month the earthquakes have already cracked the paintwork again, but that's probably another claim along with the slightly sunken toilet floor); and find out what I'm meant to do about my mortgage whose anniversary is coming up.

(1) Also I watched the new episode of White Collar, so oblique spoilers for that, including writer-ish thoughts so might still be of interest to non-WC fans.

It didn't disappoint: in particular, El was fantastic (I won't spoil how she was fantastic, because it was fantastic), but also they did the nice balance of Peter being furious(2) but also everyone being practical about actually communicating with each other and fixing things. This is one thing I like about White Collar, that what in a normal show would be spun out and blown up to epic proportions is actually treated like sensible clever people would treat it instead of like idiot tragic heroes would treat it. Which means you can move on to the next plot.

And -- you know, in anticipating this episode, I'd started to wonder about the ultimate problem with the White Collar premise, which is that Neal's tracking anklet is for a four-year period, so what happens if the show goes past that? Either you find some weak excuse to renew the period (and any crime that would deserve that should actually just put him back in prison so it'd be a transparent ploy) or you continue the show with the anklet off, which would be as big a thing as Buffy continuing past high school. Possible, obviously, but requiring a... je-ne-sais-quoi to pull it off. So a year in the future, what are they going to do about it, I'd been wondering.

And so in typical fashion, White Collar accelerates the game plan and starts to address the question now.

(2) And at the end looking about ten years older, seriously that guy and his wife should have a long holiday somewhere.

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Yeouch on the ankle/knee thing. I've always hankered after crutches but never been given them either.

On the other hand, you finishing Amy/Rory is a great thing and must be encouraged, so ...



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