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spoilers for White Collar season 4 last couple episodes / season 5 first episode

So through most of the first four seasons Peter was the Head of White Collar. We know this because he was the boss of Jones and Diana and Cruz and everyone in White Collar. And we know it because he and the heads of Organised Crimes (Ruiz) and Kidnapping/Missing Persons (Rice) all reported to Hughes, who was thus as you can tell the head of a piece of the structure larger than but including White Collar. (I theorised that this was something like the New York Criminal Investigative Division, with Bancroft in charge of the whole New York Field Office.) We also know it because after that unfortunate incident in the thingammy islands, the board of inquiry explicitly restored Peter to his position as the head of White Collar.

Sure, Hughes had his office in the White Collar division next to Peter's, but sets are expensive office space is tight and he wasn't in it most of the time anyway, clearly off touring his other divisions.

Then suddenly at the end of season 4 et sequentia we're told that Hughes was the head of White Collar and Peter is I don't even know.

This makes millions of fanfic authors worldwide cry. Why, Jeff Eastin, why? It's all so unnecessary; the plot would work just as well without this random universal demotion and it wouldn't break our epic White Collar / Criminal Minds crossovers.

Anyway. The only other gripe I had with the season 5 opener was that Jones got to tell Peter Diana's news. This was presumably because Jones had nothing else to do all episode, but contributed to briefly convincing me that the opening scenes were a dream sequence.

Everything else was pitch perfect. Bringing back Curtis Hagan would be a wonderful narrative circle even if he wasn't the fantastic villain that he is. (Australian accents make the best villains. I don't have anything against Australians, some of my best friends are Australians, I'm just saying.) Giving Neal a 'criminal handler' as well as an FBI one is a natural way to keep the tension up; and Peter's clearly being set up no less than Neal.

Plus I love the continuous advancing of anklet technology, both that explicitly mentioned (the new chip-encoded anklet Peter gives him) and that implicit: over the course of the series we've gone from Peter having to call the Marshals for a location, to having it on a laptop, on his cellphone, and in his car's GPS(*); and from being able to see a street location, to getting accuracy down to the yard, to being able to see which floor of a high-rise he's on, to getting accuracy down almost to a matter of inches plotted against a floorplan of his apartment. It amuses me to think that the Neal Caffrey Tracking Anklet R&D division is being kept in full-time employment.

(*) Oh, I almost forgot the BMW! Did the show upgrade its sponsor?! (Haha, apparently the show upgraded its sponsor.)

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It amuses me to think that the Neal Caffrey Tracking Anklet R&D division is being kept in full-time employment.

HEE! <3


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