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Both of these I have days where I look at them and think they're pretty darn fine despite their flaws, and days where I look at them and think they're terribly flawed despite being otherwise fine.

Download links for each are at my fanvid master post.

Title: Just One Person
Fandom: Criminal Minds - (up to season 2 episode 15)
Music: "Just One Person" by Bernadette Peters

YouTube (no captions, sorry; doing both speech and lyrics would require serious actual fiddling with timing, and it's late and I don't adore the vid quite sufficiently for the effort):

Notes on "Just One Person":
This has been sitting on my computer for over a year waiting for inspiration on how to fix it. It's very much a message piece and I think it achieves its message just fine. The audio is terrible though - separating the voices from ambient noise proved impossible. Also the cuts are choppy where (in aid of keeping the smiles chronological) I've taken several not-quite-consecutive shots from one camera angle. If I could have got the audio to work, I might have tried either moving shots around or adding transitions or something; but I couldn't, so hey.

Title: Wishin' and Hopin'
Fandom: White Collar (up to season 3 episode 10)
Pairing: OT3 Elizabeth/Peter/Neal
Music: "Wishin' and Hopin'" by Ani DiFranco

YouTube (includes captions):

Notes on "Wishin' and Hopin'":
The main thing I hate about this is the credits. The main problem is that if you're watching the credits you miss the start of the video, and if you're watching the video you miss the credits. Also the positioning and the design and so forth. I pondered alternatives, couldn't think of anything I adored, and didn't want to spend time wrestling with GIMP and iMovie to try out things that wouldn't be much improvement.

The transitions between verses made my head hurt but I think they worked out okay in the end. At one point I'd been planning to highlight the fact that I have Elizabeth talking to the guys by doing some soft focus on the shots illustrating what she's talking about and keeping it normal on the shots showing her talking to them; but the iMovie effects I had weren't quite what I wanted and, more importantly, I realised there wasn't always a clear boundary between the two and I'd have ended up tearing my hair out.

One thing I'm very pleased with is that I mostly succeeded in keeping Peter on the left-hand side of the screen and Neal on the right-hand side. (IIRC there are two brief exceptions, plus a shot where I cheated and flipped the shot because I couldn't bear not to include it. As any OT3 fan knows, there are a lot more shots that would have been awesome thematically if I hadn't had this constraint.) The reason I did this is when I watched my first White Collar fanvid, not having seen the series, I couldn't for the life of me work out who was who; and when I showed it to my siblings in the same situation I think at least one of them had the same problem; so I wanted to make this 'readable' to people without show familiarity and figured this would help.

Oh, and if you're curious about the aspect ratio, it's because I cropped the shots so as to avoid the USA network logo and their incessant "Do you like Neal topless/Sara with Neal/the new opening credits?" polls. This added some further constraints to the shots I picked but not as much as I'd expected.

Technical notes, mostly to remind myself: I can get an .avi by saving from iMovie as .ogg, changing the extension to .ogv, then converting in ffmpegX to .avi (using the Filter tab) to crop the top and bottom if a random line attaches itself in the process. The conversion to .ogg seems to change the colour a bit - the opening purple is distinctly less violet and more indigo than saving as .mp4 - but the .avi gives a much better quality:size ratio than .mp4. It's also more widely used by people who use fanvids than the .ogv, though I'm keeping that for archival purposes.
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