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My dream has implicit spoilers for the season 5 episode 2 of White Collar, and for season 9 episode 5 of Criminal Minds.

I honestly don't know how much sense it will make if you're not familiar with the characters from either/both of the shows. If anyone is familiar with the characters from either/both, do you want to beta-read a novel-length crossover fanfic? It'd actually be particularly helpful to have a beta-reader who's only familiar with one (or even neither) since - being aware that the crossover between the fandoms is limited - I'd like it to be comprehensible by people who only know one or the other.

Anyway, the dream plays out as an act excerpted from an episode:

The Criminal Minds team were checking out the evidence locker, perhaps partly to help profile Caffrey and figure out where he was going next, but then mostly to Caffrey-proof it on the assumption that he was going to come here to steal whatever he planned to steal.

It was an office layout, smallish but three cubicles along the wall with unopenable windows, opposite the wall with the door that was the only ingress. It was afterhours but at least one agent was there, working at the middle desk.

(Possibly it was Cruz - what I remember of her physically fits with Cruz's physical description, and I distinctly remember recently seeing Cruz in a White Collar context and thinking that a) it was awesome that we got to see her again but b) did this mean she'd just been floating around the building in some other department instead of my pet theory that she's gone off on some Ray Vecchio-esque deep undercover mission? Since, in retrospect, that wasn't on any official episode and I don't recall having any other WC dreams recently, she was probably the agent in the evidence locker.)

So Reid was talking to Cruz. They looked at her desk, but then they turned their attention to the door and its lock and how Caffrey would circumvent it. My dream had a gorgeous zoom-in to the workings of the lock as they discussed this: it was electronic so not amenable to simple lockpicking. "How do you think he's going to get through?" Cruz asked.

"It's Caffrey," Reid said: "he'll find a way. Maybe short-circuit it."

The rest of the Criminal Minds team were finished with their own investigations so he walked out with them, down that corridor and then outside, bushes to their right. As the others went ahead into the bushes, Reid was talking with Morgan about the ideas he and Cruz had discussed.

Suddenly he realised that that very discussion had been doing Caffrey's thinking for him. He flashed back to something he'd seen on Cruz's desk, realised it was a listening device, and stopped short. "Morgan, where's Hotch?" he asked, before remembering that Hotch was in hospital and Morgan was in charge. "Morgan, I know how Caffrey's going to get in."

[Cut to commercial break / waking up. How Caffrey got a listening device in but still needed a way to get himself in I leave as an exercise to-- No, that's silly, he's done things like that many times: he probably just mailed it in.]

[Also that White Collar episode had a bunch of characterisation plotholes, but nowhere near as many as that Criminal Minds episode had piles of steaming mediocrity. The dream sequence had the potential to be deeply creepy, but instead I spent most of the time trying to figure out if Haley was even being played by the same actress, her voice and facial expression and body language were so out of character. Her motivations were consistent at least, but when thus motivated the real Haley was firm and earnest, and never ever so fae. The only way I can even slightly reconcile myself to it is that this is Hotch's idealised memory of her, but at this point it's really hard to give the writers that much credit. :-( ]

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If you don't mind a beta reader who knows nothing about either fandom, yes, I do want to read it! If only to see if it makes sense as a self-contained story, and I do like your writing.


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