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Fictionwise is having a 55%-off sale this weekend (with coupon code - if you're a member you probably got an email, otherwise ask me). It turns out this is exactly enough to make the 49cent book in my wishlist equal the 22cents I had left of store credit. Score! It'd been a while since I last really visited Fictionwise, and it's getting all Barnes-and-Nobl-ified, which is a major problem when it comes to geographical restrictions.

I also earned myself another few dollars on Amazon's Mechanical Turk today. I've mentioned before how exploitative it is. But every now and then I go, run a search for tasks that pay at least $1 (at least $2 if I'm picky, or 50cents if I'm bored) and skim through for the short surveys and the transcriptions. (YMMV on the transcriptions - it's not worth the time if you don't have a reasonable typing speed, and is only worth bored time even then.) I avoid *all* the writing exercises, firstly because they're terrible rates but mostly because they're obviously for spammers and I don't help spammers.

In other passtimes, I've been doing occasional bits of revision; am recataloguing my books with the aid of a barcode reader borrowed from work (this would be easier if publishers hadn't gone through a phase of using barcodes of UPCs instead of ISBNs. At least they also went through a phase of printing the ISBN on the spine, which helps when the colour hasn't since faded), and lots on Distributed Proofreaders.

I feel like I'm repeating myself about some of this. I feel like I'm repeating myself about some of this.

Also I'm currently reading Twilight. It's really not terrible. It's got some deeply skeezy moments, but it's also got some cool ones. Even at its worst so far, I've read a heck of a lot worse. Anyway, I'll do a proper review once I'm done.
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The reason for this Contact is that my Energy company is getting new terms and conditions (boring pdf, don't go here, but in case you do I've removed the IP tracker part of the url).

I like to read terms and conditions even when I know that they could say "You agree to chop off your left arm and roast it for us with apple sauce. If we don't like your cooking skills you agree to try again with your left leg," and I'd reluctantly concede that I wasn't going to get a better deal elsewhere.

Today I created a summary as I went to stop myself clawing my eyes out.
I said I like to read terms and conditions, not that I enjoy it. )


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