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On Sunday I visited 6 shoe stores at The Palms (as told in the Mystery of the Misogynistic Shoemakers).

On Monday ... )
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On Sunday I finally reconciled my inner magpie and my inner miser and ordered myself an iPod. (It's useful! It will help me endure mowing lawns and doing dishes!) It's a silver 4GB nano, and I got free shipping and engraving (I put my email address on the back, so if I lose it the person who finds it will know who to be grateful to). It arrived at work this afternoon and I spent half an hour alternating "Ooh shiny!" with customer service and "Pamela*, where did you hide my shiny?" because my colleagues are like that. Then I had my tea break, during which I figured out how the scrolling worked and undid my accidental setting of the language to Dutch. (Thank goodness it was an Indo-European language I accidentally set it to or I'd never have worked it out.)

Aside from the mowing of laws and doing of dishes, I must admit that the games were an attraction, but the contacts/calendar/alarm functions are also pretty nifty. And I can read txt files! That's got to come in useful. What would have been really cool would be built-in note-taking ability using the scroll-through-the-alphabet function that's already used in at least one of the games: it's amazing how quickly one can scroll through even without practice.

* Not her real name.


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