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The other day our boss gave us mini bottles of Lindauer sparkling white wine (the stuff the French refuse to let us call champagne) as a thank you for hard work this summer, which was really nice. I drink alcoholic drinks for the taste, not the alcohol, so I quite easily made 1.9 standard drinks last three nights. The third night was tonight and how it happened was like this:

Last night I had a spider. Not an arachnid (the arachnid was the night before, and Boots stood guard over it while I fetched a jar and card to capture it and release it outside. Boots then spent a long time trying to figure out where it had suddenly gone) but French vanilla icecream (I haven't yet heard of them trying to sue us for that name) in a tall skinny glass with Coke (or other coloured fizzy drink) poured over. This is what Wikipedia calls an ice cream soda and Kiwis call a spider. Wikipedia doesn't mention it, but the vital thing is ice cream first, fizzy drink second: this gets you foam up to the roof, which is the whole point of putting them in the same glass.

So as I was putting the Coke back in the fridge last night my eye fell on the last third of a bottle of sparkling wine. It's fizzy, right?

And tonight as I was trying to decide whether it'd be a waste of good ice cream, a waste of good wine, or just really good, Irina shamelessly egged me on (incidentally pointing me to Wikipedia's entry for spoom) and sure enough, it was really good. <slides slowly and happily off beanbag>

Boots meanwhile enjoyed batting the lid from the bottle around the room.


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