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So now my laptop says a) the battery's condition is "replace soon", which apparently means it's basically fine but be prepared, and b) the battery is not charging, which in my mind is rather further down the track than a) would suggest.

I think this doesn't portend any major problem for running off mains and that's how I mostly use it at the moment, but just in case, if I suddenly disappear from the interwebs, this is why.

(It's actually mildly tempting to just get a new laptop -- I've had this one for several years, and mostly it's fine, but more memory would I think make my speech recognition software a lot more reliable. It might even make Firefox stop hanging all the time, though I realise this is a longer bet.)

The battery now thinks it's recharging, but its estimate of how long this will take is slowly going up.


In other news, I've come up with a plan by which I could theoretically keep my house but move to a job elsewhere in New Zealand (or, for that matter, the world). I'd rather not move, but in the present climate it feels safer and healthier to have an exit plan.
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A friend called me up today to ask if I wanted to go to Mozart with her and her folks and boyfriend, which I did. So at the appropriate hour, I took my laptop, caught the bus, sorted through notes for editing a Wikipedia page I'm working on, and arrived in town.

fastfood; random Maori legend; musings on personal decisions about personal safety; and Mozart )


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