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I don't know what it's called but I recognise it from Criminal Minds 1.14. Also from every other TV programme with a cello in it, dude, has no-one ever written any other cello music ever? I'm sensing a market opportunity here!

Other than that -- well, other than that and the occasional Hallmark sentimentality; that romance was so pasted on I kept thinking "Could she be an undercover doctor? Oh, she just kissed him, I guess not. Could she be a hallucination? Oh, she's having an effect on others around them, I guess not." -- that was a fun episode. Because I love me some mind games. House manipulating an entire mental hospital is fun; and the mental hospital manipulating him right back is just, mm-mm. I love me some peripeteia.

The other thing that amused me about this episode is that it felt like an interactive fiction game. House is the player character, trying to solve the puzzles in order to win the game.

> attack alvie
You punch Alvie and he punches you back. You wish being Machiavellian didn't hurt so much.

The nurses rush into the room with a sedative.

> take sedative
You tuck the sedative under your tongue. The nurses seem fooled. Fools.

> sleep
What, and miss all the fun? You let your eyes drift shut and your body hang limp. It makes it heavier for the nurses to carry you to a quiet room and heave you onto a bed.

Quiet room
Your eyes are shut, but you bet the view's not much more interesting with them open.

"Psst! Did you get it?" You crack an eye open and see Alvie vibrating into the room.

> trade sedative for phonecard
You spit out the sedative and give it to Alvie, who gives you What's-his-name's phonecard in exchange. This is just too easy.

> n
You peer into the hallway, looking both ways in case you get caught. Fortunately everyone's off playing doctors and nurses.

A stretch of institutional boredom. You see a phone here.

> phone wilson
You limp over to the phone and dial Wilson's number. He hardly even lets it ring before answering. You wonder idly whether his life is so empty that he's just waiting for the phone to ring, or whether he had some particular female reason for expecting the phone to ring. But you have more important things to think about right now.

> tell wilson about license plate
"Wilson, I need you to run a license plate for me. The number is--"

"House, stop," he interrupts. "Nolan already talked to me. I'm sorry. I want to help you, but the only way I can help is... not to help."

He hangs up. You knew this was all too easy.

But, this being (within the conceit of the show) 'life' rather than a game, it's only when he acknowledges that it's not about winning that he wins. --Damn, now I'm going all Hallmark.

Speaking of interactive fiction, I probably ought to finish that Huis Clos game that I got to act 4 of. Problem is that right now I'm much more intrigued by a game that involves brainwashing the player character into becoming an assassin for the main NPC, and I'm debating the psychological implications on the reader/player and consequent ethics of actually unleashing this on the world.
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We're driving through the North Island and have stopped to visit a chemist. We have parked outside the Waikato District Library in Huntly. And so I says to myself, "Self, I wonder if Huntly has access to the Aotearoa People's Network?" And I opened my laptop, and lo, it does. Random free wireless ftw!

<waves to the world> Hi world! My sister has a sore throat (hence the chemist) but so far she hasn't given it to me. It is presently sunny, though since we've been driving a lot and also this is New Zealand we've been alternating sun and rain. Last night we visited my uncle and then drove to the family's holiday house at Tokaanu for the night.

My Interactive Fiction of Huis Clos is up to early in Scene 3. (Scene 3 is where it starts getting more complicated....) Also I wrote a bit of chapter 17 of the WIP, but I probably need to write it again.

Mum, the only one of us without a laptop, is really impressed by the super fancy public toilets in Huntly.
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Or, or, I could create an interactive fiction with an actual beginning, middle, and end.

Has anyone made an IF out of "Huis Clos"? Hopefully they have, because I have no intention of rereading the play again in order to do it myself, but it'd work really well: only one room, limited number of characters, and the frustration of not being able to do anything, go anywhere, or achieve anything would perfectly match my experience of playing every IF I've ever attempted.

(I'm not very good at playing IFs.)


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