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Firstly and most importantly, the thing where they're privileging people who have, or who are willing and able to pretend to have, WASPonyms. Other people have explained why Google's choice here is problematic. Yet others have pointed out that Google has no legal obligation to do otherwise, which I don't dispute. But regardless of legality, barring the most vulnerable in our societ[y|ies] from your service is an evil action, and is possibly even more evil if you pay lip service to welcoming them but nevertheless make it too dangerous for them to actually join.

Secondly, if I've followed a link to view a Google Plus entry and I want to scroll down to read the rest of the conversation, pressing the spacebar does nothing. (In case you've never used it, the spacebar effectively provides a "next screen" function on just about every other website out there on the entire interwebs. I've been using it since all I had was Usenet.) Instead I have to
  • press Function-PageDown (an extra key and using weaker fingers) or
  • use the scrollbar (lots of wrist movement to get the mouse into the right position) or
  • dictate commands to my voice recognition software (which just crashed three times while trying to launch and on the fourth attempt took so long I fell asleep while waiting for it to succeed)
-- in short, this bizarre disfunctionality cripples my ability to read anything on their site. I don't know if this is a general accessibility problem or just me, so I won't call it evil -- but it's damnedly annoying.

If anyone knows somewhere I can copy this information to Google themselves I shall do so; I've given up searching myself.


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