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Be it known that from approximately Styx Mill overbridge to approximately Eastgate is approximately 3.5 hours on foot.

(Maybe a bit less; I didn't take the absolute most direct route. I also actually took four hours because I stopped halfway to chat with a friend.)

Greeted lots of people as we crossed paths. Some people can smile and ask directions whether such a bridge or such a shop is open. Some people chat as you walk along together. Some people can't smile. And some people have their head down and the brim of their cap pulled low. There are more of these latter two groups the further south-east one goes (though around Bealey Ave was particularly painful), but the former groups are everywhere.

I didn't take many photos this time, mostly because I couldn't be bothered taking off my backpack to get the camera out. Photos I might have taken otherwise:
  • the cordoned roads south of Bealey Ave. A cordon consists of: a bit of police tape, a couple of traffic cones, a couple of plastic deck chairs, a couple of army folk, and a police person. Some of them even have a police car.
  • The sign on someone's fence offering "Free water, boil for 3 minutes, help yourself" next to a garden hose.
  • The bridge where I wondered if I was allowed/safe to cross it. I approached quite carefully, and the army guys on the other side with the police tape didn't start waving their arms in panic, so I guessed it was okay. I was glad there wasn't a quake while I crossed, though.
  • The sign offering free sand and bricks.
  • The houses with walls missing. Well, actually, no: I appear to have an instinctual policy that I don't take photos of people's houses.
I did however take a photo of Fitzgerald Ave along the river, which is munted. (If you don't know what "munted" means, take a guess and then multiply that by lots. Or just see the photo.)

Anyway I came back to my house and discovered I have my landline again! Also power! And internet! Moreover there's a water tanker about ten minutes' walk away! (but I won't make use of that today; am still going to my parents' for the evening and Mum's driven out to her work near the airport, taking all the family's empty bottles with her).

Bonus material: photo of my peach tree on Saturday in the middle of having its delicious peaches picked.

Oof, enough typing; off now for my final walk of the day.


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