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I don't normally post fanvid recs because I get them all from veni_vidi_vids so if anyone cares about vids they'll be there first anyway. But I feel the urge today, so here's two utterly idiosyncratic categories of fanvids:

Vids about River Song that don't end with the "Bye" cartoon
I love vids about River Song. And I love the "Bye" cartoon. But there is too much of a good cliche. Fortunately there's always something else too!

Set My World Into Motion by beccatoria
Gorgeous split-screen use - sometimes just to cram more action into fewer seconds, sometimes to show synchronicity (er, inasmuch as events in two different time periods are happening at the same time...), and sometimes to highlight parallels between episodes (♥ "eyes staring back" and "nothing but black"). Lots of fun, and also some thinky thoughts.

Run With Me by chaila
Lots of parallelism of imagery. ♥ "ABC" and "It's just textbook stuff." I think maybe the point of view is a little wonky? - it seems to me that it's meant to be from River's pov but the first high note is timed so it looks like the Doctor's shouting it. But maybe it is meant to be from his, or maybe dual pov - their stories are working in opposite directions so far, after all. Unfortunately blip.tv and me aren't fond of each other so I won't be able to watch enough times to figure it out.

The World Is Not Enough by cvalda
Okay I cheat! This one actually does end on the "Bye" cartoon, but unlike many of the others that do it really earns the right through the romp and especially the leadup to the end. River Song as Bond. So much fun... and creepy undertones, particularly with the ash/reflection clips that make up the "If we can't have it all, then nobody will" sequence.

Vids that use parallelism of positioning to good effect
I always thought I wasn't kinaesthetic. But maybe five years ago I realised that the relative position of things is something I feel strongly. So seeing this particular kind of effect in vids just really makes me extra happy.

O Fortuna by curriejean
I adore this music. And this vid uses it brilliantly. The little flashes of foresight on the little chimes are gorgeous. And Gallifrey as "the tower of wisdom". And Rose/Martha/Donna/Amy merging into an ur-Companion, and that sensawunda encompassing the fan-viewer. But on parallelism of positioning: watch the beginning, introducing each Companion, and see where the flashes of the TARDIS show up for each one. This gets echoed later on in the vid where the Doctor's holding Amy's wrist and the TARDIS moves from him to her.

(I am a pedant so have to note - in the credits, which list the Latin part of the song and its translation, there's also an additional line "pectus pectoris est maior intus". Which... I'm pretty sure was written without an understanding of Latin because "pectus" means "chest" not "heart", let alone metaphorical heart, and while "pectus pectoris" might mean "chest of chests" it's more likely that it was just copied from a dictionary - Latin dictionaries list the singular nominative and plural genitive because from those two you can work out how the noun is declined. So it's a bit of a shame this bit wasn't just left in its original English which sums up the vid marvellously: the heart is larger within.)

Bachelorette by obsessive24 (warning for serious strobe effects; and violence)
A Buffy ensemble vid. Not just incidental parallelism of positioning, this also has parallelism of body language and morphing transitions to really ram it home. I'm in absolute awe of the technical skill here.


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