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The first time was on March 31st. I was sitting at my desk at work and I chanced to bend my left wrist, and I said "Oh hey, why do I have something protruding from my wrist? That looks like the end of a bone. I didn't accidentally dislocate my wrist without noticing, did I?" After a little more thought I concluded that this was unlikely, so I started wandering around the workroom showing off my wrist to colleagues. One of them diagnosed an Alien, another diagnosed a ganglion cyst.

(Any stories about how you or a friend of a friend once had a ganglion cyst, aka Bible bump, and it never hurt and it went away all by itself within a decent time period are hereby solicited. Horror stories about aspirations after which the cyst grew back or about excisions gone painfully wrong may kindly go somewhere else. Moreover, that website which reassuringly says "[...] Removing a volar ganglion has a greater risk of nerve and blood vessel damage. However, the vast majority of people have two arteries that travel into the hand. If one is injured, the other is sufficient to provide and adequate blood supply to the hand."? Not that reassuring akshually.)


Google tried to April Fool me but its link was broken. ...There's really nothing I can say to emphasize quite how pathetic that is.


This morning (ie April 2nd) I received an email that had arrived just after midnight (ie quite a lot after noon April 1st). It said I was a Slideshare Rockstar! Suddenly one of my presentations was getting a bazillion hits! I should immediately tweet about this with a particular hashtag!

I'd forgotten this was still April 1st to some timezone-n00bs but being curious I went to check the viewcounts and concluded that 10044 and 10037 seemed unlikely. I was trying to find a way to let them know they had a bug in their software when I came across a bazillion Slideshare users expressing extreme dismay at having been convinced to publicly demonstrate their April-Fooledness, particularly since they're professionals (hence the having presentations to be uploaded to Slideshare to start with) with reputations to maintain. Also I found Slideshare running around like crazy saying various versions of "Sorry!" and "We didn't think about it like that!" and "We didn't realise that would happen!" and "Please let us make it up to you!" and "We'll do better next time!" on quite a lot of angry blogs. So that was quite amusing, though, er, clearly not quite how they envisaged the joke playing out.


Really this cartoon seems to express the modern spirit of April Fools' Day quite well.


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