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There's this plaintive wail Boots has started doing about 30 seconds before she throws up everywhere. This turns out to be enough time to leap up, scoop her up, and dump her on linoleum instead of carpet. ...I didn't know she'd even eaten that much tonight. <thinks> Unless she saved some of her breakfast and only ate it a little before I got home, that'd make sense.

Her other new thing is to stand at the dish I've filled with kibble and to chirp questioningly at me. The question is, "How about that nice gloppy stuff instead?" Then we come to a compromise, which is I mix a bit of gloppy stuff into the kibble.

In pilling news: mashing the pill into the gloppy stuff (separate from the gloppy stuff added to the kibble, that is) has worked two days in a row. Thanks for all the other suggestions; I'll keep them up my sleeve in case Boots bamboozles me again.

In other news entirely: have been back at work now for three days. The first day I managed to go something like two whole hours before bursting into tears. Yet the second and third days, no problem. Possibly it's just that for the last weeks before my holiday I was feeling like crying all the time, and the associations were still there? Or possibly because we're at a point where we need to be more future-looking, but in terms of work, looking at the future feels like looking into a vacuum: it makes my head implode.

Anyway, if it was the former it was solved by spending a chunk of the evening reading library blogs and lolcats, and if it was the latter it was solved by my manager being sympathetic and also giving me a project to work on. Literature review, whee! Not the most exciting thing in the world even for me but I know its shape.

Also today I met with a phd student who explained to me all about his research. Normally they say something brief like "gold catalysis" and I struggle with how to tease this out to work with them because I don't know anything about these subjects. Whether this one was just a fluke or whether it was helped by an inspired tweak I made yesterday to my standard introductory letter remains to be determined by further experimentation; but either way it was terribly cheering.

Date: 2011-04-29 01:27 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Becky. I suspect that once you get back into a routine, things will calm down for you a great deal. That's one of the few things that keep me reasonably stable and not going off on weird mood swings. And Boots -- at least she warns you! Our just spew wherever they are, preceded by that awful horking sound. Most of it is Mu, who bolts down his kibble, and doesn't chew it. Or, even more awful, mouse bits...


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