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I dyed these on Sunday afternoon and was too lazy to keep them in the dye long enough to make them properly red, but some of them came out quite nicely:

There are ten because when it came to boiling them one of them started floating, and another of them the pattern didn't come out at all nicely so I left it out of the already-cramped display.

My brother asked about the dye, and I told him you put lots of onion skins in a few litres of water with a splosh or two of vinegar, and boil it for a while, and when you've done boiling it you take out the onion skins but leave the vinegar.

(You then boil the eggs in the dye, which incidentally hard-boils them. If they're not red enough by the time they're hard-boiled you're meant to keep them in the water as it cools until they are. Dad suggested blowing them first so you can eat scrambled eggs and keep the shells, but I've got enough clutter in my house and am thus happy with the photo.)


zeborah: Map of New Zealand with a zebra salient (Default)

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