May. 11th, 2011

zeborah: Helen Clark telling an MP: Diddums. (diddums)
Have had a bit of a cold - not a horrible one, just a "Yeah, not inflicting this on anyone else" one. Day 3 and I'm much better, just tired in the chest (asthma never helps) and bored.

The choices include: watch DVDs, read books, empty the chemical toilet, maybe do some writing.

I really ought to do some writing sometime. I want to get started soon on my Sky Falling Down story and have been pondering it some more. To the point that last night I woke in a panic because my leadlight windows weren't covered and if the sun rose then I'd die of sunburn. (By contrast, the aftershock that woke me a bit later was rather ho-hum.) On the whole I preferred my Monday night lucid dreams about the Tardis coming to visit.

I've even resorted to poking at Amazon's "Mechanical Turk" which is a highly exploitative scheme in which companies (not all of whom are spammers or plagiarists - there's the occasional charity or website usability test) pay a pittance for you to do tasks for them. Like, US$1 for 20 minutes' work is one of the better deals I found. (Note that the time allotted is the time after which your attempt expires so you can't wander away for a coffee break.) Also if you live outside the US you can only get the money in the form of an Amazon voucher. So if you want to get rich really really slow, or if you're really really bored, then Mechanical Turk is the scheme for you.


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