Mar. 20th, 2011

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I put on a red top today in the hope that it'd distract a little from my bright red chest. Judging from the "Holy shit!" that emerged from the mouth of my friend when I shrugged off my poncho, it wasn't entirely successful. (It's better than it was. It just doesn't look any better.)

Have had similarly bad luck with buses today. Went to get the one to church this morning and either it was early (unlikely since I'm so near the terminus) or it was just missing, but in any case I ended up waiting half an hour for the next one, in the rain with an old munted umbrella (my normal umbrella being stuck in my out-of-bounds workplace - I should buy a new one but that'd require catching a bus somewhere). So I was half an hour late to church (slightly less emotional than last week. One day maybe church will stop making me cry at all!) After that I waited about an hour for what should have been a half-hourly bus to get home. Thankfully this time I was at a stop with a bus shelter.

(Insert here a comic interlude in which I attempted to extract my freshly-baked brick of bread from the breadmaker -- Christchurch humidity is hell on bread. It's possible to make a loaf rise, but requires a great deal of effort and a certain amount of divine intervention -- and ended up just putting the whole pail-thing in my bag.)

Then coming to my friends' I went out to catch my bus on time and... again it just didn't come. This time I decided to hop on the first bus that did come along, so ended up going through town instead of via the suburban route. It wasn't too bad: bus #1 went to Parkside (ie Hagley Park), from there I switched to the link bus that goes to Bealey Ave, and there -- well, I did have to wait in the rain (but fortunately under a yew tree, which helped) for my bus, but only 5-10 minutes, and that took me right out to my friends' place.

Have started writing again! Will see how this goes. Could work well, or I could get stuck exactly where I got stuck in 2002. At least this time I can avoid my originally planned ending of "the kidnapper marrying the princess who's now suitably tamed" - this is a direct quote from my notes to self and intended with a certain degree of irony and I always meant the kidnapper to be reformed and tamed too, but even so, Self, what were you thinking?
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I suddenly recalled today not only that I'd been planning to post my "books read" each month, but also that February ended a wee while ago. (I may have mentioned a few times that time is weird at the moment. The other day I was on the bus and heard people talking about the end of daylight saving coming up sometime. I blinked several times. It was like the conversation implied that time was actually moving on in an orderly fashion, unaffected by trivialities like geology.)

Anyway, so here they are:

8 books read in February )

And one book I didn't finish (in fact barely started):

My attempt to introduce myself to manga by picking the first one I see at the library that says "volume 1" was probably doomed to failure even before 95% of the libraries in town were forcibly closed. I think I'll find it easier to get used to the manga format if I first identify a story that wouldn't annoy me no matter what format it was in. I managed a couple dozen pages, I think, before deciding that not only did I have very little idea what was happening, I was pretty sure that if/when I did figure out what was going on I'd only hate all the characters.


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