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So in light of my earlier post I thought I should get around to uploading some of the photos I've taken recently. I ended up creating an EQNZ set which includes photos dating back to 22nd February 2011 before it gets onto the recent ones.

(Also am currently wishing I'd had the wit to ask the dude three questions to try and get him to grok the logistical nightmare this was and remains:
1) How many buildings do you think were destroyed? (And then correct him because I bet he'd have lowballed it.)
2) How many people do you think it takes to deconstruct and rebuild a building? (And then correct him again.)
3) Multiply those two numbers. Bearing in mind again the answer to #1, where do you think all those people were supposed to live?

A lot of reconstruction couldn't start until after we'd constructed villages for the tradies who were going to construct them. I mean, plus and after we'd got back electricity; water supplies; sewerage; roads and railways to move rubble and goods over; etc etc. Oh, and I forgot to tell him about liquefaction!

But there. Half an hour just wouldn't be time for anyone, no matter how prepared and eloquent, to say everything.)

Date: 2013-12-18 09:42 am (UTC)
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Ooh, bunny-face on traffic cone!


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