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Tonight I have sent:

item one email to a certain clothing company informing them that they are *still* emailing me order confirmations for someone who is not me despite me informing them of the problem previously, and that if they keep this up I will be writing to the postal address listed in said confirmations to offer my support (in the form of copies of all correspondence) in any legal action that person should wish to pursue against the company for the privacy breach;

item one email to a certain boarding school suggesting that their student's guardian probably didn't intend for me to receive all these details about said student.

(The clothing company has responded very apologetically and promised to fix it, but they did last time too, so we'll see if I still need to spring for postage.)

In the past I've also emailed a certain person informing them that they clearly intended to email their friend at a different domain name.

These are just the ones that I've researched and been sure at least some of the people involved are actual real people and I'm not getting spammed/scammed. There've been a bunch more I've been less sure of.

I'm starting to imagine that all these other-me's are in fact a single person, and piecing this hypothetical life together. (I know for a fact though that at least one is not at least one of the others.) Also I'm getting the kind of plot bunny that's cute but probably won't go anywhere. Also it's well past midnight.

And also! Googling for my handle, I'm now only #2 in results (today from New Zealand with my browser cache). Duckduckgo puts me at a mere #4. This is a disturbing trend when I know for a fact I used to be the #1 Zeborah on the web.

Date: 2013-07-31 09:43 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Well, you happen to be my #1 Zeborah. Ever. Many hugs for you,and scritches for Boots. -- Becky


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