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Title: Lemmings in Love
Vidder: Zeborah
Fandom: Criminal Minds (seasons 1-5)
Music: Lemmings in Love by pornophonique (Creative Commons BY-NC-SA)
Licensed: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA
Summary: Haley and Aaron Hotchner walk side by side. Even when they don't.

Trigger warnings: Lots of quick cutting. Some violence and blood.

Download link at my fanvid master post; YouTube embed follows (captions available)

Sometimes I fear the reaper
Sometimes I'm afraid to die
I think it's hard to leave my loved one
I think it's hard to say good-bye

So don't you ever go my darling
Don't you walk into the light
Why can't we be forever
Forever together united

And I will never let you go
So won't you leave me alone and crying
Side by side we walk into the light
Stay with me beyond the end of time

So don't you worry fuzzy darling
Calm down and don't you get a fright
I swear to you, I promise
That everything will be alright

The sun is low, the days are over
Say hello to the cold unfriendly night
We laugh and sing and dance together
Into the morning light

And I will never let you go
So won't you leave me alone and crying
Side by side we walk into the light
Stay with me beyond the end of time

No longer I fear the reaper
No longer I'm afraid to die
You swore to me, you promised
That ev'rything will be alright

You'll be forever with me
And walk the final journey
You'll kiss me just like honey
We rest in peace for all eternity

And I will never let you go
So won't you leave me alone and crying
Side by side we walk into the light
Stay with me beyond the end of time

Beyond the end of time...

I started working on this vid a year and a half ago. The license on the music at the time was "no derivatives", so I wrote to Pornophonique and asked if, despite the license they had then, they'd be okay with me vidding to it, and they said yes. And since then they've made the license "share alike", so anyone else can too. So a huge thanks to them, they're awesome.

What got in the way of finishing the vid a year and a half ago was firstly RSI, then more earthquakes, then trouble with DVDs (the season 5 DVD seems to have more copy-protection on it than previous seasons), and inertia. But I finally got back to it and solved the excessive copy-protection problem with a trial version of Mac DVD Ripper Pro (which however, unlike Mac The Ripper, requires your laptop drive region to match the DVD region).

So I finished it. And wasn't happy with the ending. (I've saved this original ending to disk, but it was all about the corpse and funeral and graveyard and Hotch's feeeeeeelings, and it was entirely one-dimensional.) Then I was following links somewhere and came across:

What [Haley] does is erase, in those last few moments, everything: everything about the job, everything about what's happening, latching back onto before, when Hotch was hers, before she lost him to the job. Promise me that you will tell him how we met, and how you used to make me laugh. She doesn't look at Foyet. She doesn't acknowledge him. She doesn't let him set the game, doesn't let him run her emotions, and wrings a promise out of Hotch to set the future in the direction she wants it.
(from an essay by Recessional)

And, just, yes. So I tried vidding this. Which refused and refused to work, until finally I realised I was attempting to show about four timelines simultaneously, one of which was split between two locations and one of which was never shown on-screen. Then I flailed for a bit. (I had a similar problem with the ending of Blue, I think, and that problem ultimately is that of trying to bring in a new thought at the end of a vid, when no-one's expecting a whole new argument and there's no time to set it up.) So then I shifted my focus back to the parallels between Haley and Aaron - keeping the way she fights and compare-and-contrasting it with the way he fights - and it's still... not... I dunno; but short of spending another year and a half mulling it over it's close enough to what I mean, so.

Boring technical stuff: I fiddled the colours of Haley's flashback scene as much as possible with iMovie. Aaron's flashback scene was alas hopelessly sepiatastic. What would be really cool would be if TV shows released on DVD included:
  • such scenes with colours unmunged
  • words and soundtrack on separate tracks
  • the original footage of videos displaying on in-show screens
  • opening credits removed from messing up invariably the best clips of the show ever
Also, for this project I got around to coming up with a better way to create captions, which should save me a bunch of time in future. I can talk about this more if anyone else needs to make captions for things (particularly in .srt or .sbv format).


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