Oct. 10th, 2013

zeborah: It's not that hard. A dalmatian could do it. (Criminal Minds)
I won't say where it is, for Reasons, but it's recently shifted to being a wee video advert that you play and halfway through a banner in the video tells you what to type in. (There appear to be other options for accessibility, I haven't tried them.)

The thing that makes it easy is that the videos are clearly from sponsors. And which you get shown clearly depends on your region. And clearly in my region, there's only one sponsor and it is Tui Beer, and that's the answer to the captcha 50% of the time I've been on this site. The other 50% of the time it's a short slogan they've picked which I forget because it's been a week or so since I got it.

Doesn't matter, anyway. Because theoretically, if I could program this sort of thing, I could program a bot to go in and download All The Content by just trying "Tui Beer" over and over


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