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It pains me to say it. As a New Zealander, I'm a great fan of vegemite. But it does have a design flaw. It comes in glass jars. In the quake zone that we call New Zealand. Having tossed out my last broken jar of vegemite on the grounds that I'm not a fan of glass in my sandwiches, today I went to the supermarket to (among other things) get a new jar. I hoped for a sensible plastic container; I was disappointed. Until Kraft can rectify this design flaw, I may have to store it on a low shelf.

In other news, my old chimney was taken down and the wall boarded up. It had been almost completely been covered over on the inside too, "almost" being the operative word as I discovered when I took the builder in to check and found various kinds of dust all over the bed, pillows, floor, table, tissue box, etc. Vacuumed thoroughly, thereby also paying enough attention to notice the half-inch gap in the floor.

Not sure quite how to explain this. I think what happened was: back when the chimney was in use for an actual fire, there was a hearth. This was tiled over. The floorboards came up to it. Then the chimney was boarded up and a skirting board put on. I put my bed over most of the old hearth. Then the earthquake came, ripped the remaining chimney away from the wall on the outside, tore the skirting board loose, and apparently wrenched the hearth away from the floorboards. This latter created a gap and incidentally broke a bunch of the tiles. I'm not devastated about the tiles, as they were dead ugly. But the gap's going to be a nuisance to fix, as the bed is a waterbed and thus weighs a great deal.

Got to do a bit of work via online chat. There's something to be said for getting a day's pay for half an hour's work.

Dad also came by and boarded up my broken leadlight window, which is good because the high winds had earlier extracted another couple of panes of glass from it. Then we went together to the supermarket.

Achieved dinner, washing of dishes and brushing of teeth.


Failed to actually post my update. Um. Slept, apart from a few aftershocks and the need to wander out into the garden with toilet paper. Woke up with just time for breakfast before the water tank opened and I could get some water to scrub myself with. Yay clean! Later in the day I may even try some laundry.

On the way to the water tank, I saw an Orbiter bus. I may have cried a bit but as I was wearing a dust mask and sunglasses it's hard to be sure. :-)

There's lots of officials in high-vis vests in the streets today, checking on who needs help. I got a pair composed of a) Salvation Army and b) District Health Board to check if I needed any help. --Whup, and there's a building inspector (not really inspecting-inspecting, just doing a quick lookover from the outside to make sure the house won't fall down). They're supposed to be working in trios and that (plus ID, time, and MO) is how you know they're not casing the neighbourhood, but I won't quibble; it's close enough.

Hmm, people aren't answering my work IMs. I shouldn't complain because occasionally I go off the grid to talk to builders and officials (plus I know they don't have sound on their computers where they are) but it's a bit disconcerting.

I think it's time to finish Pride and Prejudice.
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