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First she jumped up on my bed for scritches, then she jumped down to prowl a bit. She's done this a certain amount over the last few weeks. Then she investigated the wardrobe but decided she wasn't interested in sleeping there tonight. Nor was she interested in the beanbag (which she sometimes finds cozy in winter).

She jumped back on the bed, got more scritches and settled down for about two minutes before jumping down again.

After some more prowling, she jumped back on the bed again and settled down (sans scritches this time because I was closer to sleep) for about one minute before jumping down.

But a bit after I drifted to sleep, she came back, and curled up by my legs, and slept there all night.

And there weren't any aftershocks at all.

So that makes me very happy.

Also she's discovered that, while I'm having my shower, instead of waiting in the hall for me to open the door and give her breakfast, she can wait on the fence for me to open the curtains, at which point we have the following conversation:

Boots: Miaow!
Zeborah: Agh, stalker kitty!
Boots: Miaow?
Zeborah: Oh, it's you. Okay, then.

And I let her in the window and then open the door and give her breakfast.

Leaving chronological order for a while, I would like to mention that I made ginger muesli bars yesterday and they're quite awesome. I looked up recipes online and half of them said "Stir rolled oats and stuff into melted butter and honey, then bake", and the other half said "Bake rolled oats and stuff, then stir into melted butter and honey". I decided on the former.

The precise recipe I followed was 50grams butter with an equal amount honey, stirred to the boil as one does - the original recipes included extra brown sugar and such but that seemed unnecessarily sweet so I didn't. I just threw in rolled oats and roughly chopped peanuts and sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds and dessicated coconut and chopped crystallised ginger. This is the precise recipe I used, okay? I just threw stuff in and mixed it until it looked a) like raw muesli bar and b) like I couldn't fit any more stuff in. Then I baked it until it looked like cooked muesli bar, and cut it while hot and still soft.

Next time I might try baking the stuff first and then stirring into the liquid, just for a point of comparison.
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