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For about two years, almost every workday I've had the same thing for lunch: cheese and pineapple sandwiches. (For people who haven't tried these, don't knock them until you do.)

This simplifies my life greatly. Whenever a block of cheddar is on special I buy it. Every Sunday night I buy a loaf of bread and a can of crushed pineapple. Every Monday morning I bring these to work, where the cheese-slice lives in the drawer, the cheese and pineapple live in the fridge, and the bread lives in my locker. (The climate there seems best for it; when I forget and leave it on the bench it goes mouldy remarkably quickly.)

One would have thought that I'd have got sick of cheese and pineapple sandwiches a long time ago - but no. That's only happened this week.

This may be temporary, and it may be a result of stress. I'm a believer in eating what my body wants me to eat. I mean, if it wants me to eat a thousand of chocolate then I start getting suspicious; but if it says "Protein now please" or "Carbs now please" then I do what it says. Right now it's saying "Fruit now please", but not cheese and pineapple sandwiches, and not pineapple by itself because it's too bitey. My body is picky this week.

(I didn't have the coconut cream with muesli this morning because my tongue said "Too gluggy" before I even opened the fridge.)

I've found two mandarins in my locker and some leftover grapes from an office birthday party, but that's not much of a dinner. But the concept of even the freshest of bread feels like I might as well eat a dry sponge.

<ponders> Soup? But not milk-based, my tongue currently recoils from the concept of gluggy. Vegetable soup, then - and I've got some alphabet soup letters lying around. I can probably throw stuff into the crockpot tonight and find something to take it to work in tomorrow. I'll make a double batch to cover me for Friday too.

But I really hope I can get back to cheese and pineapple sandwiches soon. I like my cheese and pineapple routine.
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