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And I didn't even follow a recipe. Well, I did, sort of: actually I followed several recipes at once so it's kind of like "Copying from one is plagiarism, copying from many is research".

The ingredients were all the green cherry tomatoes from my cherry tomato plants at the time I got bored waiting for them to ripen, and a few red ones; and onions; and... um, I guess vinegar and sugar and salt and whatever spices I felt like at the time. And I'm eating them with bread and margarine, and they actually taste good.

This is somehow even more wondrous than when, last weekend, I couldn't be bothered finding a recipe for biscuits (of the cookie variety) so started with the memory of previous recipes involving as much butter as sugar, and everything just goes on from there. I cleverly waited until the butter had cooled before adding the requisite egg (I have been known to forget to do that), and although I accidentally put in milo instead of cocoa (when I figured out why it wasn't turning properly brown I added cocoa too) and then added the chocolate chips before the mixture had quite finished cooling (when it had finished cooling I sprinkled yet more chips on top) they turned out pretty much like biscuits.

I still have a couple kilos of the kind of onion that's halfway between pearl onions and normal onions. Anyone have a recipe for pickling them that doesn't involve things I don't have like alum?

<licks spoon> And possibly slightly less vinegar. I'm not a pickle afficionada, really, it's just that the Kangaroo Story protagonist is, and I suffer mildly from excessive empathy with my protags; when another protag was suffering sleep deprivation I had to keep reminding myself that I wasn't the one who was exhausted. So sweet pickles are best for me while I educate myself.
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