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I meant to upload this a long time ago. It's like something came up and distracted me or something.

Title: Blue
Fandom: Doctor Who
Music: "I'm Blue (da ba dee)" by Eiffel 65
Triggers: I can't think of any, but if anyone notices something I'll update this.

Download link at my fanvid master post; YouTube embed follows:

I had to rewatch all five seasons of Doctor (New) Who for the fanvid. It was such a hardship I tell you. Also I walked around for a few weeks there casually noticing, "Ooh, there goes a blue car. --No, Zeborah, dammit, you can't clip real life into your fanvid."

Not that a random blue car would have fit my criteria that the "blue" had to be something the Doctor was interacting with, preferably either a) threatening him in some way (attacking, trapping, etc) or b) something he was throwing away/running from/etc. I broke this rule many many times but what would life be without rules to break? I also have regrets that I couldn't somehow work in the audio clip of Ten yelling at Rose "Not the blue bucket!"

On the technical side of things, I learned how to use StreamClip to zoom in on clips (and iMovie already lets you flip clips left to right) so I tweaked things a bit so the viewers' eyes are hopefully not bouncing back and forth too much across the screen.

A friend I showed it to asked if I did anything with colour balance -- I didn't, partly because iMovie's colour controls are primitive at best, and partly because I didn't have to. Though it was sometimes a bit of a nuisance that historic episodes tend to be lit yellow to evoke candlelight, and future episodes are often lit red or green or purple, so I'd have to wait for a green or purple that could pass for sort-of blue. But really there's a lot of blue around when you've got five seasons to choose from, although I remain bitter that my chronological constraints meant I couldn't use the awesome cybertrees from season 5 (because the verse I was using for that section doesn't mention trees).

A thing I noticed is that the props in Season Five are a lot less blue than previous seasons. The interior of the Tardis has changed from green-sometimes-blue to yellow-sometimes-green; the screwdriver has gone from blue to green; the Daleks' eyepieces have gone from blue to yellow. I actually really like the iDaleks, but these things were a bit of a nuisance.

Also I noticed that Nine's big "blue" threats are primarily about the past, specifically the Time War; Ten's are about the people he keeps losing in the present-as-we're-watching; and Eleven's are about the unknown future (especially with River Song). (Yes, there was Rory, but that was mostly on behalf of Amy.) Or maybe I made this up because past/present/future is a pattern I see a lot. But I think it's still true.

Also, has anyone else noticed what the magnets spell on the fridge? (Other than "The Doctor rocks", I mean.) Once you notice it, it seems rather obvious, but I didn't notice it until I was clipping it for the soccer photo.
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