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From the end of The Life of Saint Clare:
There was a maid of the castle Convary which sat on a time in a field, and another woman had laid her head in her lap. And in the mean while there came a wolf which was accustomed to run on the people, and came to this maid and swallowed the visage and all the mouth and so ran with her toward the wood. And the good woman that rested in her lap when she saw it, was much abashed and began to call on Saint Clare and said: Help! help! Saint Clare, and succour us, I recommend to thee at this time this maid. And she whom the wolf bare, said unto the wolf: Art not thou afeard to bear me any farther that am recommended to so great and worthy lady? And with that word that the maid said, the wolf, all confused and shamed, set softly the maid down, and fled away like a thief, and so she was delivered. Then let us pray unto this glorious virgin Saint Clare to be our advocate in all our needs; and by the merits of her we may so amend our life in this world that we may come unto everlasting life and bliss in heaven. Amen.
(I'm not quite clear how the maid managed to talk when the wolf had swallowed her face and mouth, but that's obviously far from the most important part of this story.)
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Dirt, Greed, and Sex: sexual ethics in the New Testament and their implications for today
by L. William Countryman

I've forgotten who it was who mentioned this book to me, but thank you! It's absolutely awesome to be able to read a book which lays out such a clear, evidence-based, and persuasive account of what the Bible actually tells us about Jesus' teaching and God's will in matters of sexuality.

Countryman divides the book into three parts:

Dirt focuses on the purity code of the Torah - this is "clean", that is "unclean" - - eg all that Leviticus stuff about not wearing clothes made from two kinds of material, or eating pork or shellfish, or men having sex with men. Dirt is matter out of place. )
Greed focuses on the sexual property ethic - with particular reference to women and children as property of the paterfamilias. People not as individuals but as part of a family )
Sex is the final chapter, summing up the author's conclusions on "New Testament sexual ethics and today's world". He sees the Bible as still totally relevant - but we need to understand the cultural differences.The gospel allows no rule against... )

In short: if this is the kind of thing you like, you'll love it. Highly highly recommended.
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Hey everybody, I feel that I've discovered the best euphemism ever:

Happel clearly presupposes the reader's awareness of possible sexual application of phallic vegetables; otherwise, he would have to be more specific in his narration than the tactful expression "abuse the intact cucumber" suggests.

Falkner, Silke R. (2004). "Having It off" with Fish, Camels, and Lads: Sodomitic Pleasures in German-Language Turcica Journal of the History of Sexuality 13(4) pp. 401-427.
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The 16th century has the best dirty jokes ever.

A man that was ryght iolous on his wyfe, dreamed on a nyght as he laye a bed with her & slepte, that the dyuell aperd vnto him and sayde: woldest thou nat be gladde, that I shulde put the in suretie of thy wyfe? yes sayde he. Holde sayde the dyuell, as longe as thou hast this rynge vpon thy fynger, no man shall make the kockolde. The man was gladde therof, And whan he awaked, be founde his fynger in his wiues ars.

(A small selection in modernised spelling. Find the full text in a library near you.)

ETA: Also, this guy is so not talking about a bird.


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