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(Insurance company, actually not earthquake-related - I'm getting my roof redone and want to check there's no issues I don't know about.)

This is actually really hilarious. They tell you (New Zealand voice) they're busy and you can leave a message or wait. Then you get about fifteen seconds of elevator music, and then an American voice tells you your call is important and please stay on the line, and then you get some more seconds of elevator music and the New Zealand voice comes back online.

The really hilarious part is that these aren't actually synched - the American voice and the New Zealand voice are cycling at different (but both ridiculously short) intervals so sometimes there's only three seconds between them and sometimes you'll get the New Zealand voice interrupting the American voice.

I feel like launching a crusade against idiotic use of hold messages, except for lack of energy.

(I'm on leave today! It's kind of cool except for I'm tired enough I need way more and I'm not sure whether or not that's going to happen soon for various reasons that are supremely ironic. So much of this year has been, "You've got to laugh because otherwise your head will explode from the sheer internal pressure of all the irony building up." Anyway it's been nice to spend quality time arguing with people who are wrong on the internet, edging the cat off my keyboard, phoning insurance companies, and eating cold chicken while standing up so the cat can't steal it off me.

(Sunday night she slept inside, under the bed. Monday night she ventured onto the bed, and then we got the biggest aftershock since week #1 and out the door she went. Still she's been much better recently than in those first weeks.)


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