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I got to my desk today to find an email waiting, telling me someone's made an application on my behalf and I need to fill out a questionnaire to complete it. This email sounding startlingly similar to one I received yesterday, I phoned to confirm. After a short discussion, we worked out that I didn't have to.

Then a bit before lunch I got an email whose subject says the deadline has been extended to [closing date listed (possibly accidentally) on an important external website] and whose body says the selection process is well under way and I should hear from them in the near future. I'm not sure if they consider two weeks to be the near future or if their message got a bit jumbled in the confusion.

In between emails, I moved some more hundreds of books, with a brief pause to put into some semblance of order about ten shelves' worth that had obviously all fallen onto the floor and been put back randomly on the shelves by building contractors. This was particularly fun because they're in the internet programming section of the classification range, so these ten shelves of books ranged from TK 5105.888 [etc] to TK 5105.8885 [etc] (through such numbers as TK 5105.88815 [etc]) so one gets cross-eyed very quickly, and then also one discovers a stray TK 5105.85 from the next bay over, or a TK 7182 that must have fallen in from the other side of the stack).

We did as much of that area as can be done right now in the morning; in the afternoon (after an all-library meeting to update us on some technology changes planned for the summer) we went to another area to do some easier straightening of shelves. Not many had fallen off in this area; mostly they were all leaning over. Though we did find a book that seems to have fallen down from the mezzanine level straight above, and yes I mean that if the book had moved in a straight line it would have had to pass through the floor. I suppose there might have been human intervention at some point pre- or post-quake, but I dunno. Things move weirdly in earthquakes.

I've started... hmm. I haven't started actually writing again, but I've regained my interest in writing and am once more glaring at the unfinished short story that I was glaring at pre-quake.

Oh, I had an awesome dream last night that I was writing a bunch of fairytales in verse. Most were bare-bones ones, but there was a longer one in an aabccb rhyme scheme that involved a witch (rhymed with ditch), a princess carrying all her worldly possessions (maiden rhymed with laden) and a dwarf (which I think I managed to put in the middle of a line so as not to have to rhyme).

I rather expect I'll continue having rough moments/hours/days (and I remain easily brain-fried, which means my capacity for socialness, even the basic socialness of replying to comments, is a bit eclectic at present) but purposeful hard labour is awefully therapeutic.
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It turned out that my application didn't get through after all. After talking/emailing with four HR people, attempting to follow several links which gave me new and improved error messages, and finally filling out a just-for-me version of the application which missed out a bunch of questions (a known glitch, apparently) it seems I have now successfully applied for the job.

I have no idea how many other awesome people have also applied for it so if you don't hear me wibbling about an interview just assume I'm remaining in my current job. Which is, for the record, an excellent job.

Part of my excellent job today involved finally being allowed to go up and move books en masse. This isn't putting them back where they ought to be -- actually it's currently moving them off the correct shelves onto new super-duper-reinforced shelves, so that said correct shelves can themselves get super-duper reinforcing and the books can be moved back. If this sounds intolerably frustrating, bear in mind that over the Christmas holidays all the books in our collection were moved anywhere between two and five times each, so we're kind of used to it, although admittedly there was a lot less ceiling plaster mixed in with them that time.

The utter chaos of things up there provides a great deal of comic relief (especially when one of my colleagues thought she might - having googled the bookcover - be able to be able to spot a report among the hundreds of piles stacked neatly, two-deep, the builders having helpfully sorted them by size, along every wall of the relevant floor. Hahahaha no) which is a vital prophylactic against despair.

I now have a bandaid on my thumb from scraping it forcibly against a shelf, but I got a shelf-putting-together guy to bang on one that wasn't quite in, thus cleverly avoiding a repeat of the Best Bruise in the World incident.

Plus and also, moving hundreds of books appears to be an excellent remedy for the case of GRR RAGE I had all weekend.

I'm now going to see how my "all those ingredients seemed a good idea at the time" crockpot concoction has turned out.
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It's hard to tell. I got inexplicable error messages at almost every step but the information seemed to be showing up. Then I got an email telling me that I've successfully applied, but the website I applied on insists I haven't. I'll phone tomorrow morning and find out.

Has anyone ever used a job application website that works (even better, works non-clunkily)? It seems to me that this should be a theoretically solvable problem.
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So my bad day yesterday didn't get overly better. I was finally home relaxing and tinkering with my job application when we got a 4.4, which, pff, is nothing. But I had a whim to check out Twitter, and first thing I saw was someone say the North Island had had a big one.

If the North Island had a big one that felt like a 4.4 here, that'd be a *big* one. Probably an 8 or something; almost certainly involving dead people. So I was desperately refreshing Twitter, kicking Geonet, and trying to make my radio give me something other than static or pop music, mentally screaming, "TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON!"

Then someone on Twitter pointed to a map which showed green squares (magnitude ~5) on the east coasts both of the North and South Islands. Which was good (no dead people!) but also a bit worrying: with 5s sensed that spread out, did that mean there'd been a big one offshore instead? because if so, did we now have to worry about a tsunami?

And then finally we got the details from Geonet which was that there'd been a 5.6 in the North Island and three minutes later an unconnected 4.4 in Darfield.

At which, in relief, I broke into mild hysterics. And after I got my breathing back under control I decided that I was going to watch Yes, Prime Minister until I fell asleep, which I did.

So this morning I felt much better. Until there was a 4.3 which sent Boots scampering and proved my own equilibrium wasn't exactly stable. And then a market researcher guy phoned and I nearly sent him packing until he explained he was phoning on behalf of Civil Defence and other people and his survey was about the earthquake, which seemed worth while, so there I was saying I "strongly agree" that I'm coping well, while crying and trying not to sound like I'm crying, because when one cries people always get the wrong idea.

So then I spent the rest of the day watching Yes, Prime Minister. Oh, and sitting on the phone waiting to report to my ISP that I've lost access to some websites, including LiveJournal. And you know my pet hate? When they tell you you're going to have to wait 17 minutes, and then they play some pretty music, except every two minutes they cut into the middle of the pretty song to apologise for the wait or - as in this case - tell you to turn your modem off and on again. Every two minutes. In case you didn't hear them the first time I guess? This is a pet hate of mine anyway, but the last day or two in particular I've gotten very irritable, so this was one of many things which has been triggering my "GRR RAGE!" impulse. However I fortunately squashed it, and talked to the nice call centre person, and did some traceroute stuff for him, and several hours later the ISP finally fixed it.

Around 5:30 I went around to my parents' place and tried to work on my job application some more. I did get a bit further. Then I heard an earthquake coming, which was a novelty: first I heard it shaking the living room, and then it shook the bedroom where I was with my sister. Very exciting. Then fifteen minutes later it did it again, at which I said ,"For goodness' sake!" Then another ten minutes later we got another one which actually set things swaying, and my sister said, "Seriously?"

About then Mum called us for dinner, so we went out, and got a fourth one and then a weak fifth one. But the first four had seemed like mid-4s (I reckoned the third as 4.6) so we were startled when Geonet finally told us they ranged 3.8 - 4.1. Until we looked up the coordinates and found that the epicentres had all been in Christchurch, and that third one had been three or four blocks away.

(One of the news channels tweeted asking for the experience of people who'd been at the epicentre. I emailed and told them that it'd definitely felt bigger than the 4.0s we've been getting out of Darfield but other than that it felt pretty much like an earthquake. I do admire their determination to try and eke some kind of news value out of what's being referred to as JAFA (just another fecking aftershock). They politely replied thanks and take care.)

Anyway I'm trying not to think too hard about the fact that no-one knew there was a fault right under Christchurch, and instead concentrate on the fact that they were piddly little 4s.

We had dinner with fish fingers, after having finished which Mum asked if we wanted custard. (Am I allowed to do this with grammar? I think I ought to be allowed, not just because allowances must be made for my state of brain-friedness but also because it seems to me an awesome sentence structure with all sorts of potential. But is it normally allowable? I find it hard to judge things at the moment.) My sister and I both expressed what a pity it was that we no longer had fish fingers to eat the custard with. We had it with ice cream instead but I do intend to try the experiment sometime because I think little Amelia Pond was way too judgemental on the matter.

Anyway and then I took my bus, which drove me home right over the epicentre of that 4.0. Is this or is this not pretty cool? I bet none of you has done anything this cool today!
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Boots is tenderising my thigh and all is well in the world.

(Also some paperwork arrived earlier than I expected which, if I act on it quickly enough, might allow me to upgrade some of the handwaving necessary for my job application to slightly more concrete handwaving. ETA <rereads application procedure and is reminded why she never tried applying for this earlier> Or, well, maybe not. Oh well. I shall go and heat frozen pizza.)
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Woken from an awesome dream and lay there thinking, "Hmm, 4.5, 4.4? Quite a long one, for that matter. Now, about this cover letter I need to write..." until that sent me back to sleep. Turned out to be 4.5.

You too can become a magnitude-guessing expert, after a mere 537 aftershocks to warm you up! (Magnitude 3+ only included; there's been a couple hundred more lower than that but you can't feel them.)

Boots wasn't in the house at the time, but she turned up for breakfast.

The cover letter had been driving me batty and I kept distracting myself by imagining questions I might get challenged on should I get an interview, until suddenly in the shower or something I realised that my answer to one of said imaginary interview questions should form the basis of the cover letter, so I'll draft that up on the bus into work.


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