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So, quick update on my life: my RSI has reached the “all good if I behave" stage, and I had my last physio session today, to celebrate which, ACC (for overseas folk, ACC is what we have instead of people suing people for accidents) wrote me Tuesday to say “Sorry, we can't approve your claim because we can't identify a factor at work that caused it, and the stuff you do at work isn't a risk factor". Which is stupid, but not unexpected because ACC is cheap at the moment. On the plus side they paid for all my physio up to the date of the letter so I only had to pay today's fee, which is well within my budget.

Also I have a gazillion amazing peaches on my tree and my grapes are ripening too. Also I'm getting my house painted green and purple (actually mostly white but green and purple too) and getting some annoying trees and shrubs chopped down/pruned to facilitate this.

Also we're heading into the busy time at work, in which I have to keep constant notes of what I'm doing right now so I don't lose track. And a group of us made a recommendation for an awesome improvement to service we can/should provide, and management said, “no, there's no time," and we said “yes, we can," and they settled on a compromise which is slightly wacky but that lets us prove ourselves. And all the summer projects are sort of coming together, except for it turns out that combining beta testing and training is not a good idea. And management has invited us to come early for breakfast on Friday to celebrate our awesomeness, which I'd respect more if I respected management, but hey, free food.

But I'm running on a mild sleep deficit, so I thought I'd have a nap on the couch this evening to prepare for getting up early tomorrow. So I lie down and fall asleep and then my timer record turns on and wakes me up. So I get to sleep again and the phone rings and I stumble out and pretend to be awake trying to remember my calendar so I can agree safely that I can play in church orchestra on Sunday. Then, heart still hammering from the sudden wake up, I managed to fall asleep again because I'm so tired, and the damned phone rings and I curse my way to it and then discover it's that mythical beast, an EQC assessor.
So now he is coming over on Saturday afternoon to see if any of my myriad cracks are officially earthquake-related/payable. I didn't have to consult my calendar for that because any time an EQC assessor wants to visit is a good time, but it should be fine, I'll just make sure the tree chopper guy comes earlier or later.

But now I not only has a sleepy, I has a “if I was a toddler I'd be so cranky right now" and I haven't even had time or inclination to make dinner. So sleepy my brain is inside out.

Then I gave up on sleep and rang my mum to see if she wants to bottle peaches with me on Sunday, so that will all account very neatly for my entire weekend. Must look at my work calendar and plan when I can next take a holiday; I'm feeling completely blocked in by appointments these days.
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In no particular order:

The #eqnz Twitter feed is full of people with amazingly original ideas about earthquakes and volcanoes that could not possibly have already occurred to actual geologists. <head-desk>

In addition to my ordinary hayfever skinrash I get from grass-seeds when weeding, I've discovered that one of the bushes that needs regular pruning gives me an instant rash if its leaves touch my neck. I ended up fleeing straight to the bathroom, stripping, and taking a thorough shower, plus taking antihistamines. All calmed down now.

Having got hold of the local Korean TV channel, I'm watching their marathon catch-up of Queen Seondeok. The protag Deokman has spent 20-odd episodes disguised as a guy (army trainee), looking mostly like a girl disguised as an army trainee. Now for the first time she dresses in a princess's clothes and looks... exactly like a guy dressed in a princess's clothes, 너무 귀엽다.

Google Translate's "did you mean" suggestion is awesome; that's a phrase I only heard spoken so didn't know the correct spelling.

One of my drains is blocked by a dead hedgehog.
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So there was my left wrist being stiff for no readily apparent reason and so I did a few careful stretches for that.

Then my left ankle decided to act up too. My left ankle and I have a history.

My left ankle is the one I sprained in New Caledonia coming out of a doctor's appointment for a checkup for health insurance. I thought it was just a regular twist and was too embarrassed to turn around and walk straight back into the clinic. So I walked downhill to the busstop and once I was in town I walked home rather than wait forever for the next bus. At home (the school I taught and boarded at) I rested it and it got worse so I went to see the school nurse who said it wasn't serious and gave me aspirin and crutches. I assumed this meant it was just twisted and would get better over the next few days. It didn't, so I went back and she repeated it wasn't serious, probably just some bone fragments were in there, but no, an x-ray would be too expensive.

Yeah. So after I'd done boggling I went to my consulate (may have got something in my eye when I saw the flag of my native land) and caught them just as they were going out to lunch. They pointed me to the best place to get an x-ray, which I could have afforded easily even without my travel insurance, and which fortunately found no bone fragments and confirmed it was a sprain.

Anyway, it healed. But some years later in New Zealand I twisted it on uneven ground and after that it's had a tendency to weakness and further twisting. I got some physio and did my exercises and it got better but here it is again, so for the last couple of days I've been trying to do my exercises again, preferably without falling down in the middle of them. Also the muscles on my right foot are a bit stiff, I suspect from overcompensating.

Then yester evening my left wrist came more to the forefront of my attention and it slowly dawned on me, with the increasing pain, that it's not stiff, it's RSI. Aka OOS. Aka, in New Zealand, GPI (gradual process injury) or, the latest acronym, DPI (discomfort/pain/injury). Some department likes renaming things. A lot.

(Yes, I'm being careful as I type this. Alternating two-handed with right-handed, and lots of breaks and stretches too because the right hand feels like it's not far behind.)

So I've just phoned Dad that I won't be doing the almond icing on the Christmas cake this year, though royal icing should be okay mostly-one-handed I think. And phoned a couple of church people that I won't be playing violin in orchestra tomorrow.

Kinda dreading the bureaucracy when I get back to work Monday.

Can't for the life of me figure out what I've been doing recently that I haven't done a heck of a lot more of months ago. Our ergonomic set-up is currently crap (we've been stuffed in a corner during renovations) but I haven't exactly been wedded to my desk, or to anything else. No heavy booklifting recently. You know, I've had the training; it doesn't mean I never do silly things, but it means I know when I'm doing silly things. And I can't think of any silly things I've been doing recently.

Le sigh. Oh well, in the meantime I'll do non-discomfort/pain/injury things. Which, sigh, may mean less typing for a while.


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