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Four little starlings sitting on the gutter:
Cat jumps up and sets them all aflutter.
Four little starlings sitting on the aerial:
Cat jumps up and they fly to realms ætherial.

(No aerials were harmed in the making of this verse. The cat in question was actually sitting, oblivious, on my lap.)

Hey, everyone, it's sunny today! The wind's still coming from the vicinity of Antarctica but the sky is blue and the sun is casting shadows! It makes me look at a car and go, "Squee, it's so blue!" and look at rhododendrons and go, "Squee, they're so red!" It's probably for the best that there are no double rainbows in evidence or I might explode of squee.
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Inspired by a conversation my siblings and I had a month or so back:

Someone said sorry on the internet

Modified from Duty Calls (aka "Someone is wrong on the internet") under its CC-BY-NC-2.5 license; itself licensed CC-BY-NC (New Zealand 3.0).
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My second Criminal Minds fanvid - constructed reality or whatever you call this kind of thing, in which Our Team is "running around robbing banks all whacked up on scooby snacks". (In other words, for those of my friends who don't watch Criminal Minds, Criminal Minds is nothing like this fanvid.)

Thus no spoilers really. Trigger warnings: (skip) Glorification of bankrobbing and violence; specifically lots of guns being waved around and shots fired.

Download link at my fanvid master post; YouTube embed follows::

Random production notes )
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I was googling a search string which shall remain nameless and came across a fanfic which ditto. Suffice to say that it was a pure Mary Sue: the character from the series meets a girl who is more awesome than he is at his signature awesomeness, and they fall in love, and all his friends love her, and she has a ton of other excellent virtues, skills, and quirkiness, and angst and hurt/comfort and plot ensues. As the story progresses we also meet her quirky family, but I was skimming a bit by this time. Mary Sues just aren't my thing but obviously lots of other people love them because it seemed like the author was getting bunches upon bunches of fanmail.

Anyway so I skipped ahead to an author's note where she wrote about discovering that someone had created facebook pages for her original characters, and about how hurt she felt that someone had stolen her characters what she'd put time and effort into and had created this transformative work based on them.

It all seems to have got sorted out with a startling lack of wangst, but I just. Oh sweetie. I have sympathy for feeling hurt: emotions are illogical, they just happen. And I even have sympathy for saying, "I know that this is really illogical but I still feel hurt." But to seem to have no awareness that it's illogical?


New icons! Dreamwidth folk can already see me using:

Irony means what we point to when we say: That's not ironic

And I also made today:

Barcode a zebra passant above the word READ
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For the entertainment of those who enjoy such things, herewith is my first Criminal Minds fanvid, about Gideon's relationship with Sarah Jacobs.

Gideon-related spoilers up to season 3 episode 1. Trigger warnings: (skip) Also warnings for violent imagery and implication of suicide.

Download link at my fanvid master post; YouTube embed follows:

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I need to upload my Due South fanvids sometime. I made them back in the old days, using two VCRs and a cassette player. It sounds horrid but really it wasn't so bad. Actually I think it was easier than my current set-up last time I tried it, which involves ripping DVDs on my old laptop, various levels of conversion, and then transferring the sections by USB to my new laptop (whose DVD player has succumbed to a certain amount of, shall we say, bouncing beyond that intended by its manufacturer) prior to being shuffled around in iMovie.

In the meantime! I got bored yesterday afternoon because the current scene in the WIR doesn't like me so I decided to do a music mashup. Since I don't actually have access to the requisite disassembled parts of anything, I made do with what fragments I could disassemble from my iTunes library and told myself it was just a technical exercise.

Seriously, there is nothing of any artistic merit to hear here.

Autoloading but not auto-playing music behind cut )

Or just download it.

The two parts are a) the first four bars of Moby's "Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad" and b) a bunch of hallelujah's from an old Edison wax cylinder courtesy of Project Gutenberg; static and tempo edited, and then bits shuffled around, in Audacity.

I like to call it "Why Does My Heart Sing Hallelujah?" or alternatively (when I'm being particularly honest about its lack of artistic merit) "Why Does Hallelujah Feel So Bad?"
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So that when my vid-hosting goes down I can change links in a single place instead of editing all the blog entries.

Covert Affairs

Criminal Minds

Doctor Who

White Collar


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