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Front view
The brand-new-paint effect is a tad spoiled by the boarded up window, but these things happen in an earthquake when you have an unsecured wardrobe. On the other side of the house, between the two leadlight windows, you can see where the chimney's been removed - the plywood's been painted over here, which is a much nicer effect than most houses get. (It's still just a temporary fix of course.)

Front porch

Back entrance
There are traces, on the doorstep here, of a cat's pawprints. I'd been warned to step over it while it was drying but Boots didn't get the same message and as she tends to follow me around to keep an eye on me... I washed what I could off her paws before she finally escaped from the towel (oh there was howling and hissing, let me tell you) and decided that what I couldn't wash off, she couldn't lick off.

When the painter came this morning for the last of his gear he asked if he can take photos and get a recommendatory quote from me for his website, so he can't think the purple looks too ridiculous. :-)

Now to tidy up the lavender and roses. The existing lavender is quite old and prone to splitting in storms / when crushed underfoot by painters / when you look at it (so I don't blame the painters at all - they were actually really careful) so I think I need to both do some seriously careful pruning and also to buy some new bushes to replace the ones I ended up rooting out entirely. Or I could grown my own new ones from seed but this would take longer.

In other news, "Other [bugs in one's pantry] chew straight through any packaging - they've got diamond-tipped mandibles. Once you've got them, you've got them."
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