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The awesome thing about my bus home from work is that it goes straight through the Bus Exchange and to my home without me needing to transfer. Remember this, for it will be important to my story.

Last night, I left work half an hour later than usual, and my bus was running 20 minutes later than usual, and I still had to cook and eat dinner before going to choir. Eventually I decided to just go to choir late. So I worked out an alternate set of buses to go on. The first was just a bit late, but I still had plenty of time to wait before going out to the stop. I worked on my laptop, glancing up at the real-time arrival information. My connection was ten minutes away... eight... five... five... five... been and gone. I wearily considered going home but really wanted to sing, so I found yet another bus going that way and waited another twenty-odd minutes. Finally I got to choir (in the part of the building which hasn't lost bricks), an hour later than normal.

Singing is good.

On the way home, I missed my favourite bus by a minute so had to wait for quarter of an hour for the next one. It was raining, and the bus shelter might be brilliant, for all I know, at sheltering buses, but it's terrible at sheltering humans from the elements. By the time I was inside I just blobbed in exhaustion, and thus at the Bus Exchange forgot that this wasn't my bus home from work so I had to actually get out and get onto a new bus. I remembered before it had gone far, but then had to walk in the dark, dodging the rain and the cordons around red-placarded buildings, back to the Bus Exchange and wait another twenty minutes for my bus.

[It should here be noted that when I finally got home, Boots was waiting for me. She didn't stay the night, but did return in the morning to wake me up and then wait outside the bathroom for me to finish showering and come feed her.]

So then I had a full day's work, which is... busy with coping-ness. Good to be doing stuff but oh my brain is getting fluffy. It'd be easier to focus on one big thing than lots of little things. Plus it's not so good to learn an external colleague has lost her house and an internal colleague was hospitalised yesterday with a heart attack and my local library is still closed until further notice and my choir can't sing at a certain church because it's getting an increasing number of cracks. Anyway I was very relieved to finish the day. Even more relieved to have the bright idea of phoning my siblings to invite myself to their place for dinner, during which conversation my coherency skills deserted me utterly (in particular, I failed at prepositions, eg substituting "to" for "from").

So there I was finally on my bus home bus, telling a colleague about my failure at buses last night, and reminding myself constantly that although this was my bus home from work, I wasn't going to my own home so I'd have to get off at the Exchange and transfer. Then we reached the Exchange and my colleague and I said goodbye as normal and she got off as normal and I stayed on as normal and the bus left the Exchange as normal and I silently swore a little bit.

Walking through the central city during daylight you can see the brick dust on the pavement. It's not layers thick or anything; probably about the same as pollen in spring, hardly noticeable in places but very clear in others. In areas where actual bricks have fallen, grittier pieces crunch softly underfoot. There's probably a poem in this -- spring comes, bricks and blossoms fall -- but Mum's already dreading the inevitable influx of bad earthquake poems so I won't inflict mine on the world.

Eventually I got on another bus. And not only was it the right one but I got off at the right stop! I just needed to walk past my childhood library (cordoned off) and my secret dream house could I ever have afforded it (chimney fallen down) to get to my siblings' place. And lo, we had dinner and watched Serenity and there was much familiality without any requirement for thinking.

[Then I came home, and Boots was waiting, and I decided I'd move back into my own bedroom, and just as I was bringing something back out to the kitchen bang! There's me under the dining table and Boots out the door. These are just getting silly. (Hmph, just a 4.4. Shallow and fairly near but still, the #eqnz tweeps agree it felt (and sounded) bigger.) ...Also I really need to clean my kitchen floor.]
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