Mar. 19th, 2015

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Mum drove me to the hospital this morning and I got my plaster cast taken off (it's called a "chop" but all they did was snip the bandage holding it onto my ankle and then I got to pull it off myself) and got a new fibreglass one put on. It's purple and I'll take a photo when I've got the energy to get the camera from the other side of the room.

The doctor's letting me go back to work next week. (I've since made a carpooling deal with a colleague; the doctor also suggested ACC might pay taxifare on the grounds it's cheaper than my salary.) Also they gave me a shoe-thing to wear for walking on the cast. Except this is a cruel joke because I'm only allowed to put weight on my heel. Try walking with your weight only on your heel. Now try it with a cast wrapped around the rest of your foot bulking it up and adding to the weight your ankle muscles have to bear in holding it off the ground. Now try it when your bruised knee can't really flex at a speed anywhere approaching that required for walking. I managed an awkward shuffle and then I gave up and went back to hopping. Maybe when my knee's better it might be manageable.

Despite the fact that he was a bone doctor I managed to bully some advice for my blocked ear out of him. (He suggests olive oil. Or alternatively going to my GP. The olive oil seems to be helping a little, at least sneezing is a bit less painful, but I probably will end up asking at the GP too, even if only when I go to renew my asthma meds and ask after the flu vaccine.)

On the way home I got Mum to take me to a supermarket and we stocked up on food. I experimented with the trolley but no, so Mum pushed it while I hopped, and going up/down four aisles was about enough of a stretch for my current stamina. But I now have fresh fruit including bananas (I keep waking with muscle spasms, so far not painful just "I don't get to move during the day so doggammit I'm going to move at night!" but I see the potential) and lots of flour (for pancakes and potentially bread if it ends up easier to make than to shop) and milk and eggs and muesli and pizzas.

Then I sat on my couch for the rest of the day and got tiny bits of work done.

There was a little discomfort and I figured that's justified considering the amount of exercise so took some ibuprofen. Then for the first time ever my toe decided to hurt a bit. And just general having-a-cast-sucks-itude: my foot gets this kind of sensory deprivation so I'm not sure if it's feeling tingly or I'm holding it at the wrong angle and straining muscles or something's chafing or pressing where it shouldn't. Generally something feels funny but if I so much as wriggle my toes then it all feels normal again for about a minute and then something else feels funny and it does my head in.

I took an afternoon nap which helped except it left my bruised knee stiff again. And the cat was scritching at the living room door (shut to keep gasfire heat in) and of course by the time I get over there on the crutches to open it she's fled the house. And I'm sick of sitting down and my foot feels funny.

And I have heaps of milk in the house and it's a cold day so brilliant idea let's make tomato soup, comfort food. Except as dinner time approaches reality sets in: that requires waiting in the kitchen to stir the pot and make sure it doesn't boil over, and then it requires somehow transporting this hot liquid back to my couch and I just can't even.

So I got a supermarket pizza out. Trufax: this is on doctor's orders. (He warned me going back to work would be tiring and get used to ordering in pizza.) And then I burst into tears because I only wanted to heat half the pizza and the chopping board and knife were a whole step away.

A jellytip icecream solved the immediate crisis(*) and gave me sufficient energy to work out how to bring the resulting hot pizza back to my couch. (I think I need a new tag for my couch.)

(*) I understand other countries don't all have these and can only presume it's because there's a limited supply and we're keeping them to ourselves as we clearly deserve to.

But my foot still feels funny in places it's not possible for anything to be wrong with - seriously I saw them put the cast on and it's a work of art - and the cat has fled the crutches for the umptieth time and I'm super grumpy and tired and I clearly need to get more sleep.

Which I'm going to do. I'm just not really looking forward to its recuperative powers because (random muscle spasms aside) I'm not sleeping that well because foot and if not foot then bruises and the cat curls up right where I want to try shifting to. So I tend to wake up after a long night's exhausting sleep thinking "Oh thank goodness it's time to get up now" and then I check the time and discover it's only 3am and I have to keep sleeping.

But-so-anyway I don't think I can really cope with nice/reassuring/helpful comments at the moment, but what would be really lovely would be links to amusing things on the internet I can distract myself with tomorrow.


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