Jun. 17th, 2013

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To be fair, it's possible I forgot to fill her kibble bowl before I left the house for 30-odd hours. It's also possible I forgot to put my teatowel covered Herman cake in the pantry. But look, as my friend says, it's not about who's at fault, it's about who I can blame.

Also, I've now filled her kibble bowl and she's still trying to eat my sandwich. This is clearly unacceptable.

The bulldozer next door is now gone, as is the remaining rubble of the foundation. The garage remains, and I think the fruit trees do too.

The land assessment people visited my property this morning and discovered that there's a couple of patches of silt and some uneven pavers. This is approximately what I already knew, except that I wouldn't have mentioned the pavers because I think that predates the quake: it's an area of the backyard that regularly swamps in winter, and I keep a couple of bricks for the express purpose of placing there as stepping stones. But apparently I'm going to get an information package in the post in a few months which may or may not include some kind of compensation offer. Or maybe not, they said something something excess. I'm not clear on the detail especially because I hadn't quite clicked that one got compensation for silt in one's backyard: I'd just mentally classified the sand volcanoes as the remnants of a temporary water feature and moved on.


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