Dec. 27th, 2010

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I've never actually read Dickens' book. In fact I'm not sure I've read any of Dickens' books in their entirety. I was assigned Great Expectations in school and I must have soldiered through at least half of it, and I did look at the very end which was my favourite part (I enjoy minor ambiguities like "We never said farewell again"), but it's quite possible I skipped the rest. I've tried Oliver Twist and Tale of Two Cities and others at various ages, but it just comes down quite simply to the fact that I don't enjoy reading Dickens' novels.

So everything I know about A Christmas Carol I learned from the general societal gestalt, inhaled from bits of TV movies and duck-filled cartoons and fanfic pastiches and the Blackadder parody and YA novels involving children putting on plays and a multitude of slighter references. A Lamb Chop episode once argued that people are born knowing "Three Blind Mice" because who can remember not knowing it? The story of A Christmas Carol is like that for me. A Dickens fan would grimace and say I really should read the book, of course, but there's lots of things that should happen and won't.

Because of my utter lack on fanning over Dickens, then, I was disappointed to see that the title of this year's Doctor Who Christmas Special was A Christmas Carol. We've already met Dickens, y'know? and moreover, the story's been done, in movies and cartoons and fanfics and parodies and novels about plays and and and.

But Doctor Who makes everything better, even earthquakes )
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In no particular order:

The #eqnz Twitter feed is full of people with amazingly original ideas about earthquakes and volcanoes that could not possibly have already occurred to actual geologists. <head-desk>

In addition to my ordinary hayfever skinrash I get from grass-seeds when weeding, I've discovered that one of the bushes that needs regular pruning gives me an instant rash if its leaves touch my neck. I ended up fleeing straight to the bathroom, stripping, and taking a thorough shower, plus taking antihistamines. All calmed down now.

Having got hold of the local Korean TV channel, I'm watching their marathon catch-up of Queen Seondeok. The protag Deokman has spent 20-odd episodes disguised as a guy (army trainee), looking mostly like a girl disguised as an army trainee. Now for the first time she dresses in a princess's clothes and looks... exactly like a guy dressed in a princess's clothes, 너무 귀엽다.

Google Translate's "did you mean" suggestion is awesome; that's a phrase I only heard spoken so didn't know the correct spelling.

One of my drains is blocked by a dead hedgehog.


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