Oct. 31st, 2010

zeborah: Why yes! I am the language police. You have the right to remain silent.  Anything you say will be used against you. (PC)
I am, at the moment, full of fierce and heartbroken despair and rage at the patriarchy.

Nothing terrible happened. Just one little thing, no worse than every other one-little-thing-after-another, except that it came in a place that ought to be safe, from a person who ought to desire my safety and happiness.

There are excuses. There are always excuses. Plus I could have prevented it all by just keeping silent, or being politer. Well, no, politer wouldn't have worked. Silent might have. I could have responded to the things being said with silence. Your heart doesn't get broken that way; just abraded.

I also had some good support from others there. That was nice. But emotions aren't integer variables, negative and positive, that add up and cancel each other out. The strings of the heart concatenate; the hurt is still there.

So that was the trigger, but there's a whole lot more gunpowder behind it. So last night and today I rage and weep and hate with a burning hatred the whole damnable kyriarchy. I don't exactly like telling the whole world that I am at present a hysterical bitch, but there it is.

Which means that if I see someone being a jerk on the internet, I'm liable to call them out on it, and if I'm not sufficiently careful of their poor oppressed privilege I'm not really going to give a flying damn.

If this bothers you, you may want to preemptively ban me from commenting on your journal for a while or something.

Comments are off. I don't want sympathy (qv concatenation). I want someone to make the world better. Faster.


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