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zeborah ([personal profile] zeborah) wrote2015-11-06 10:49 pm

In which three trivially amazing things happen

I detoured on my long commute home to the doctor's to pick up a script, except I forgot they close at 6pm instead of 7pm on a Friday. So to lift my spirits in preparation to resume the arduous journey, I stopped at a cafe, and while I was paying for my cheese scroll my old church minister came in (and it's just a couple of days before she's heading overseas for three months at that) and we had a quick catch up. And I know, Christchurch is a small world, and I know, statistics, but there's still something about these incidents: that today was the day I went to the doctor's, that I happened to work late, that I just missed a connection, that I decided on food, and decided on that cafe in particular, and meanwhile she had her own series of incidents leading her there. It's just kind of amazing that our life is made up of a series of incidents, even if that's kind of the definition of life.

Also, nearly home now, the bus shelter had a box full of books (and photo frames and crockery and VHS tapes) someone was sharing with the world. I grabbed a couple of Nancy Drews because I never read them when I was a girl and I feel like I should have instead of or at least as well as all the boy-protag equivalents. And then I was thinking how no-one used to do this - leave boxes of books at the bus shelter - until I did it with a box of BookCrossing books a while after the quakes. And if this is the legacy I leave to the world, it's not a terrible one.

And also, for anyone not on Twitter or who missed it there, I'm crowdsourcing some data collection for a research project into open access and conference papers. (It basically involves googling for 2000 conferences. A couple is somewhat fun, twenty is doable, 200 is a nightmare, 2000 is a half-year's RSI-inducing work. So ideally I'd get a thousand people to do a couple each.) A bunch of people retweeted and a couple did a couple, but then tonight I noticed a good colleague-friend had done a whole pile. So I'm still going to have to be obnoxious in prodding all my acquaintance (prod, prod) but I think it will validate my decision to go this way instead of to give up and work with a less ambitious dataset. And it is going to be an awesome dataset.

(Oh by the way apropos of nothing, does anyone want to spend 10 minutes googling to Do Great Science?)
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[personal profile] choirwoman 2015-11-08 07:18 am (UTC)(link)
(Oh by the way apropos of nothing, does anyone want to spend 10 minutes googling to Do Great Science?)

Ten minutes, yes. But you know me. If I do one I won't be able to stop, and it will be Project Gutenberg all over again (which I had to quit doing entirely for that reason).
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I'm almost sure it wouldn't work, and I don't think I want to try, because doing some and stopping would cause more guilt ("but I can do MORE!") than it would to have to bow out completely. Also, any number I picked in advance would be a totally random number because I don't know how much time, effort, energy and keystrokes I'd need. Shared the link, and I think that's how you got goldhoarder :-)

(Your commenting box runs into the sidebar on my screen, it's much easier to type in the edit-comment box! Probably because I have the font set largish to accommodate my eyes.)

And now I think I might do some anyway, while waiting for kickstarter reward makers to deliver. Argh, temptation! It *is* a kind of thing I like to do.