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Patches of high pressure get trapped over Australia for a long time. When they're finally released they zip south-east over the Tasman gathering moisture; hit the Southern Alps and rise, dropping all the moisture on the West Coast; then roar across the Canterbury Plains picking up heat, dryness, and grass pollen. This tends to make people grumpy.

Tuesday night a particularly strong one rolled in and in subsequent days I found:

  1. Summer: we didn't get spring this year, just a short summer, then second autumn (we didn't really get winter this year either), and now summer again. It was as hot on Wednesday as many of the warmer days of midsummer.

  2. A large green lemon: right in the middle of my lawn.

  3. All the straggly birch branches: the neighbours have a birch. I hate it because every time the wind blows, its branches end up littering my lawn. These aren't like boughs, they're twig-thin but make up for it in length, perfect to hide in the grass and screw up the lawn mower. I've never seen so many on my lawn as I did on Wednesday.

  4. A rubber door mat: I took it to the neighbours but they disclaimed all knowledge. Currently it's hanging over my front fence in case someone recognises it but I may have to bin it.

  5. A fledgeling: at first I thought it was very dead. I turned it over with a stick and saw its chest moving rhythmically. It was, however, in fact very dead. I turned it back over with the same stick.

The other yicky thing in my garden at the moment (that was not however brought by the wind) is the warm slime that my huge pile of lawn clippings is turning into. Fantastic mulch. Such slime.

Less disgusting things include asparagus, lettuces, and all the silverbeet. I also detect tiny baby plums, and various other fruiting bodies are putting forth preparatory buds and leaves.
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