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zeborah ([personal profile] zeborah) wrote2015-07-31 09:38 pm

In which she flies by moonlight

It was a full moon tonight as my plane took off from Wellington. It was also partially cloudy. So as we launched into the air over the sea, the water was dark except for bright patches like irregularly shaped floodlights. It was quite stunning.

And then.

We climbed up through the clouds. And as I looked out into them I started seeing patches speckled with faint lights. At first I wondered if I was imagining things because they were too bright and orange and copious to be stars. Then I realised of course we were banking to the right and what I was seeing was the city as we spiralled up over it.

And then.

We came up above the cloud. Masses of it were thick and dark, but some stretches were thinner and glowed orange from below; and here and there still were patches clear to that dew-specked spiderweb that night makes of a town from above. Handfuls of city scooped up and suspended to be seen by a window through this ethereal medium.

The rest of the journey was uneventful, until we reached Christchurch with clear skies and a descent that involved about 300 degrees of a circle around the entire city. O my city!
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That is just splendidly evocative writing.